1. bla5323

    seroiusly its videos like this that give conspiracy theorists a bad name.. there is no illuminati.. however there is corruption within the governement and corparations and the people that run the major media networks.. but how can u claim something so stupid when your just basing it of another idiot said.. you read into bullshit to much

  2. FleGm0

    International sign for Metal,Rock! 5% of people using it really knows what it is,,, If you see someone famous using it you automaticaly think he is an iluminati member? Wake up

  3. maegan Benson

    even if he was illuminati why would he cover it up with the opposite, CHRISTIANITY! i dont think that but many videos have convinced me a little

  4. peterpansgirl1234

    So just because he bends his arm he’s in the illuminati? And just because his shirt has an eye its automatically an all seeing eye? Im not saying the illuminati doesn’t exist, because im pretty sure it does. But i don’t see how he would have anything to do with it.

  5. TheLackofSanity

    Well, you see the Earth simply wouldn’t have room for all of us if nobody ever died! And also dead plants and animals make great fertilizer – that’s what I meant by life cycle. Anyway, you seem to know your stuff, so maybe you’re right! See you on the other side.

  6. GeoffTheGiraff

    Out with the old in with the new? So what are you a reincarnation person? You are going to be VERY upset when you die and realize you aren’t coming back to the physical. Every single sentence you just typed was a COP OUT for facing the truth. You ARE going to die, and you ARE going to move into eternity whether you like it or not.

    Yes, that is your OPINION of the Bible. Sorry, your OPINION is wrong. As lost as you are, I’m still praying you’ll get wise. Hope to catch you on the other side

  7. TheLackofSanity

    Death is part of the life cycle. Out with the old, in with the new. We will all face death. Eternity sounds crowded anyway. And the Bible is a book that in my opinion was written in the interest of promoting the moral and religious ideas of the era in which it was written. I also think truth and morality is something society should continue to look for, even though it has already been published in previous works.

  8. GeoffTheGiraff

    , the verichip, the mark of the beast, the New World Order, the freemasons, FEMA camps, etc etc etc. Soon the martial law that has ALREADY been signed into law will be enacted, and if you are not saved, you will be told to take the biochip or die. If you think the Nazi Germany of your history books sounded bad, you’ll think it’s hell on earth in the coming days.

  9. GeoffTheGiraff

    And that first quote I posted (hosea 4:6) is not about HIM destroying you, it’s about evil men destroying you because you don’t have enough knowledge of God to defend yourself from them and the wiles of Lucifer.

    You really need to do more research before you start rejecting this stuff, because the time will soon be at hand when you are facing a day that you will face life or death in regards to your faith in Christ, and you will NOT want to make the wrong decision. Look up the biochip

  10. GeoffTheGiraff

    Terrible character? Read the Bible. God has nothing but compassion for his entire creation. He created hell for the devil and his fallen angels to go, and all who WILLFULLY reject the savior he sent mankind. How is that terrible? He created a way for you to get to heaven without even DOING anything.

    Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God 9 Lest any man should boast.

    It makes complete sense to you, you’ve chosen to reject it

  11. TheLackofSanity

    I appreciate your concern for my welfare, but I won’t regret disbelief, because if my rejection of something that doesn’t make sense makes me deserve torture in the eyes of some all-powerful being, then so be it. Even if this terrible character were real he sounds like a devil himself and I would rather burn than support such evil terrorism. However, again, I appreciate your human compassion in trying to help me.

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