Justin Bieber Is NOT Apart Of The Illuminati !

jenni1179 asked:

According to Kaleb & Nathaniel & Gladys & Everyone In The Class says HE is Apart Of The illuminati , leave comments !!


  1. mzwantedlady

    Justin Bieber is apart of the Illuminati. He is told not to tell anyone. All stars that are asked if they apart of the Illuminati say the same thing. Whether you believe it or not, he is. How do you think he rose to fame so fast? It sure wasn’t his music. So do not believe everything he tells you.

  2. supersaiyanKiyo

    He is in the illuminati mainstream music like justin bieber is evil its about casting spells look at katy perry she sell her soul to the devil.

  3. SpiderNoobz

    i read somewhere he tweeted saying he isnt, idk why he would expose illuminati out there like that infront of the whole twitter, but he said he isnt.

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