1. cohenhaywood10

    Thats why his fans are all little kids…LMFAO….These people at the top are sick…and one day believe me you will see for yourself…and when you do,don’t stick your head in the sand.

  2. ASexyAgressiveTurtle

    Yes he is… play ” Baby ” backwards or search it on youtube. You’ll feel dumb.

  3. Roald1977

    Remember, folks.. Satan can be nice too. Thats one of his bate. Sweet and nice. Hi is very smart, and therefore dangerous. Therefore, he deceives many.

  4. TheHihi555

    He doesn’t have to be literally evil to be apart of the cult. He sells his soul, and acts the same for fame and fortune, you really think he would gain fans by being a dickhead and rude? no, he is SMART and knows how to get money and brainwash. Open your eyes people! he is apart of it.

  5. lnfamousDog

    @Jordanloveslove clearly you haven’t heard his baby song backwards. Where he says “let me in let me in war.”

  6. Jordanloveslove

    He could be illiuminati but i dout it hes way to kind and carring
    – there was a fight in a consert (he stoped it)
    -he took time out of his day to make two girls day beause thier dad ways in the army
    – he suprises his fans
    – he has a heart
    -none of his songs have any thing to do with illuminati
    -he started off as kidrual on youtube
    -he worked his way to fame

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