IMF advisor says we face a World economic Meltdown


r. Robert Shapiro who advised Presidents Clinton and Obama and who currently advises the IMF predicts a cascading meltdown of the World's banking system starting with Sovereign debt in the Eurozone, affecting the UK then finally bringing down the global banking system.


  1. NeutralExistence


    Exactly, one of the most fundamental parts of the NWO is to completely restructure humanity.

    This requires an entire collapse, which is now happening in front of our eye’s.

    These people have been planning this for a long time.

  2. BrowseMyChannel

    The elites have been aiming at the whole planet to take control but that’s why WE are here .Governments and Big Business are attempting to control the World by means of Destruction .What is to gain when there is nothing left to enjoy. The planet belongs to the People .No longer are we their Slaves .We are Free People . Many have gone before us and we were taught by our Elders to go forward in Peace and that is what We are doing. Peace2Uall

  3. annie46664

    SaLuSa 7-October-2011 per kindest favour of Mike Quincey.
    1. “The financial position in your world continues to rapidly deteriorate, & although we do not wish you hardships the fact is that it will take a collapse to force the implementation of a new secure system. As you will know, we have long anticipated this occurrence & everything is ready to put into place. It will be a new approach to an old problem that has beset you many times before.”
    See Parts 2 + 3 below >>

  4. annie46664

    2. “The old ways that allowed greed for excessive profit to flourish, have had their day & the wealth of the world is to be re-distributed. The extremes you have experienced have served to illustrate the rampant disease of excess in money matters, that has brought massive wealth to the few controlling banking families. That will all permanently change, & never again will there be opportunities for the plundering of the people’s money.”
    See Part 3 below >>>

  5. annie46664

    3. “Furthermore, since total world peace will come with the changes, the excessive waste in connection with wars will also cease.”

    “Dream your dreams of Utopia and throw in the unexpected because you will be amazed at the enormous progress that will take place, once the Illuminati and their supporters have been removed from any position that allowed them authority over you.”
    Read this message in its entirety at: GalacticChannelings . com

  6. annie46664

    @TRUTHBOXNEWS ~ Thanks for sharing … but if you read the messages at GalacticChannelings. com you’ll be relieved to know that THIS TIME, it is all going to be in all of humanity’s FAVOUR!
    NESARA will be kicking in … and it will be the best ever for everyone too!
    Of course, NONE of it will be in any of the hands of the existing rogues, who will more than likely be arrested, have all their ILLEGAL, stolen funds & possessions bought with such, confiscated! HOORAY!
    Have faith ~ it’s NOW!


    Financial Crisis will Lead to

    New World Order Every crisis is an opportunity This crisis is

    deliberately planned and executed ,

    Since 2008 bankers and corporations bailed out with billions of taxpayers money with no end in sight they just keep bailing out the fuckers year after year and the problem is not going away time to bail out the people

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