1. Destroyer19941995

    i found bigfoot on ps2 btw…he was in the forest, you have to wait for nigh and rain then go to some hill idk try for yourself

  2. ThePieMan159

    Are ppl retards? Isn’t it logic, It’s a bug. Rockstar Games placed them in the forest as a Getaway. The said “There’s something in the forest.” They misplaced it on a hill. Then it will roll… Use your brain!

  3. ali1278

    its true i went to find bigfoot and i got ranned over by a car and then another car came with no driver in it.

  4. seaforce110

    that ghost car can’t get repared, I took that auto. driving ghost car and put it in a pay n spray but it wasn’t repared when I came out!!! Sorry about bad english

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