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After unfortunate recession hiatus, the award-winning action/scifi web series GOD REWARDS THE FEARLESS returns! GRTF episode 3: "Let's Do This" slated to release February 2012, with updated website, behind the scenes video, and store. The GRTF Team thanks everyone for their continued support of this grassroots, indie web series, and wishes a spectacular holiday season to all. Stay tuned! GodRewardsTheFearless.com __________________________ GOD REWARDS THE FEARLESS starring Willie Laureano, Maury Sterling and Diana Lee Inosanto created and directed by Lobo executive producer Mahendra Mehta produced by Andy Palmer, Willie Laureano stunt coordinator Willie Laureano featuring local LA Artists: Elephants With Guns Mayfair Hindi Dance Troupe: Shailee Mehta, Shaloni Swarup, Ovais Sheikh


  1. smileykai77

    we need an evolution not revolution. violence begets violence. be at peace with your self.

  2. LoboNWO

    LOL… awwww schucks fellas… We are getting good attention from Hollywood. If we can bring in viewers to the videos, we’ll be in a solid position. We’re gonna soldier on regardless, so your support means everything to the project. Thank you so much amigos. Have a wonderful holiday season. Catch you in the much anticipated 2012! xoxo Lobo


    oooooohhhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh!!!! BRING IT HOMIE! Come on networks, someone has to pick this up! Foretell to us about your upcoming collapse.  LOBO is the man!

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