Ghost Tapes: A Documentary on the Paranormal

Luke Millett asked:

Armed with video cameras, two men delve into some of the most haunted locations Chicago, Illinois has to offer them. With the sole intent on capturing parano...


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  2. F Remus

    i was a homeles man…i lived in the city cimitery…that was my home for 7
    long years…i was sleeaping in a family crypt…never ever experiance
    gosts paranormal activity or any of these thing….this is just human

  3. zenoist2

    I beleive in ghosts.
    I have no idea what they are though.
    If something unexplained exists then it should be scientifically

  4. Greg Searle

    Luke millet I’m sorry if this appears rude but please can you talk normally
    when narrating as when you try to speak in a low voice your voice croaks
    and it is extremely displeasing to the ear I’m not trying to be rude.

  5. jbreezes

    There is so much activity where I live. It used to be a farm house. I’ve
    gotten so many pictures of ectoplasm and orbs and once had some of them on
    Facebook, but removed it so that FB and Google don’t take ownership of
    them. I loved how you mentioned skeptics thinking they know all of what
    does and does not exist. I know one who has even used science to back him
    up. That was a mistake on his part, as science (physics) says energy never
    dies. It only changes form.

  6. william mccanless

    I don’t understand why you assume these spirits adhere to a religion. What
    if these spirits were atheists, Buddhists, Muslim? It doesn’t make sense.
    Do you expect the Christian religion to just work on spirits anywhere
    despite region or country? You’re assuming that Christianity somehow has
    some kind of power, but it doesn’t. Ghosts don’t have religions.

  7. Colonel Bob

    I too see orbs day and night. people think im nuts say its just my eyes.
    but I know what I see. you are the only people that conferm what I see.

  8. Dee B

    OK, an unlocked cemetary gate is not WEIRD. Someone simply forgot to lock
    it. 2. light reflections depend on the lens reflecting it. Many eyeglasses
    have convex lenses which will reflect in various areas. 3. two emf meters
    CAN trigger each other. 4. You can’t move or touch an emf meter if you want
    to document your results. Even subtle movements can cause it to go off. If
    you’re holding it and it goes off, put it down, don’t wave it around. Then
    check surrounding areas with another one and see where the energy is coming
    from. Failure to do that and your data is just an anomaly. 5. Jesus Christ
    commands? Suppose the ghost is not Christian (Surprise, only 1/3 of the
    world is christian!)? If the ghost is not christian, it’s not going to
    listen to you. 6. Bachelors grove cemetary, right next to a highway which
    will provide all kinds of data contamination. 6. Dead batteries,
    especially in the cold. Not weird. And you can simply document that, radio
    shack sells a cheap battery tester, and you can also document the
    temperature of the batteries with a $29 laser thermometer from Harbor
    Freight. Document, document, document. Without it, your data is worth
    nothing. 7. Shadows in a dim hallway. Really? I don’t think I have to write
    any more. Basically if you go looking for creepy things, you’re going to
    find them. Like your skeptic said, unless you can reproduce your data, it’s
    just a one time creepy experience. If a real ghost wants to communicate,
    and it is able to, you will be able to get reproducible data. Period. 

  9. ParanormalEvidence01

    As there were getting activity on their meters EVP 42:18 “””OK””” ? 

  10. WickedTornado

    Tons of respect for a guy or a gal who hasn’t let the religi-phobiasts
    browbeat him into keeping silent when he feels like prayer is warranted. If
    there ever was an appropriate time to offer up a prayer….it’s when
    attempting contact with the paranormal.

  11. Bornin Arkham

    I really enjoyed this but I hate the word “orb”. I hate it! Take out the
    orbs and the prayers and it a was very very good doco. Looking forward to
    the next one.

  12. missmarcy100

    Enjoy your videos, mostly because it is what it faking..however, you
    must be a Christian, as you pray…You might want to stop using God’s name
    in Vain. over and over again. /I don’t believe in human spirits, but I do
    believe that demons can fool you. and I do believe in demons

  13. rem novver

    I believe in ghost! but I just don’t like how far people taken it, like
    ghost hunters and ghost adventures and there stupid tools! u cant talk to
    ghost through boxes and crap like that! emf maybe, we are energy so I
    believe emfs work just for detecting presences, but not talkin to them! and
    the flashlight thing is so fake!

  14. Nilas' Junkyard

    This is the first doku which scared me in the first minute. Well done!

    But I know, when you’re calling for ghosts, don’t EVER say “Are there any
    ghosts.” You can lure evil things with that. Better start with “are there
    any Good ghosts.” 

  15. jan monsen

    The guy at 0.31 talking about how he have a toolbox to find out what God is
    while we who believs dont. That pissed me off to such a degree a decided he
    imediatly needed to be gone from my reality or i would not be held
    responsible as of what i do if i ever encounter this “individual”. You, you
    hardly make it as a human since you are blind as a bat, and you choose
    yourself to be a leader of men like me? thats really insanity of a
    disgusting sort, and thats all he can really teach anyone. How blind they
    are and how well he sees.Dont be fooled by men like this,they are two times
    dead, open graves.

  16. Interface Death

    I love this film. It was very well done and professional. This video should
    be used as an example on how to do a documentary of this type. I’m not sold
    on the spirit orbs, however. There’s no way to be absolutely sure about the
    ones in the film.

  17. Wes Roth

    That REALLY pisses me how off someone went and stole from an infants grave.
    I seriously am going to take a trip just to replace what was taken from
    that child.

  18. Lupa Shard

    You really have made this documentary nicely considering your team are new,
    since you proved evidence that spirits do exist, however The pacing rather
    is slow, video/audio combination seemed to lack on the mixture and
    consistance, But even if I detected flaws in this documentarythe
    experiences, and actual footages, and storyline made a good blend. You do
    show worthiness to be a ghost hunting team even if the acting or video
    editing maybe weak.

  19. Chad Smith

    The thing i love about this ghost stuff and skeptics is one day we will all
    find out whether there is life after death in our own personal way less we
    all become immortal lol.. You shouldnt have to prove anything to anybody
    thell eventually find out for themselves whether its true or not.

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