Extreme Ghost Stories: Episode 4 (Full Paranormal Ghost Documentary)

RJ WJ asked:

Extreme Ghost Stories: Episode 4 (Full Paranormal Ghost Documentary) Extreme Ghost Stories is a British supernatural documentary television series produced b...


  1. Tiddehbop Amazong

    am i the only one who feels twitchy and agitated about the audio not lining
    up with the video

  2. Mai Dao

    ghosts don’t kill people, they only let you to see them :), for those who
    experience ghosts try to kill you. you need to see someone for help because
    you have mental problem

  3. Turtles Rule

    video us very glitchy ad slightly distorted on full screen. otherwise

  4. TheDiplococcus

    Well, I reckon that the wife of the old inkeeper didn’t die of consumption
    at all. She died of embarrassment over her name. :D

  5. Chris Howell

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  6. Chris Howell

    This is to teresa stone and ace big lou, why don’t the pair of you stop
    acting like a pair of silly little school girls and grow the fuck up.
    Niether of you can tell the other to stay off you tube because of bad
    grammer, no one is perfect. Get a life bitches, bring on the shitty remarks
    i’ll banter the pair of you so bad that you’ll be sucking each other’s
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