Dr Who – Sarah Jane Smith Hypnotized

greenoasisfan asked:

Another great clip, a Sontaran hypnotizes Sarah Jane!


  1. glnelson1956

    @ricchardo Sarah Jane appeared in all Season 11 stories with Jon Pertwee: Time Warrior, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Death to the Daleks, Monster of Peladon and Planet of the Spiders. Pertwee/Sladen made a superb team and had a sweet affectionate father/daughter-like chemistry. Season 11 looks much like a Sarah Jane Adventures as Lis Sladen gets as much screen time as Jon Pertwee, and really rocks Season 11 as no other companion before or since! A great DW season sadly often overlooked.

  2. ricchardo

    @glnelson1956 Yes, I’m with you 100% there.By far the best and I would say resourceful companion – always seemed to know what to do ina crisis plus she always had great on screen chemistry with (in particular) Tom Baker who for me is THE Doctor. But I didn’t know Liz had done anything before “Planet of the Spiders” with Pertwee. I always thought that was her first story but I’ll definately have to check out the Time Warrior. Thanks for that :-)

  3. glnelson1956

    From Sarah Jane’s FIRST episode, #70 “The Time Warrior”, with Dr#3, Jon Pertwee. Probably the most fun-to-watch episode in DrWho’s history.

    In this great story, Sarah Jane arrives and instantly brightens DrWho as no companion before or since. The finest shows of Classic Who, its “Golden Age”, arrived and departed with Sarah Jane.

    She continues to brighten DrWho with her recent appearances in “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”.

  4. greenoasisfan

    Hi, yeah I’ve found another clip (I’ve just posted it!), there’s a few around on youtube like you say, I’ll try to find some more original ones!

  5. AlKhabir

    Thanks fir posting these. Do you have any other Sarah Jane hypno clips, other than the couple that are already up? I’ve been looking for some time without success.

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