1. JanetBR05

    did he just say yeah we were all dancing with adults, yeah cuz thats normal man, Unless your my direct kin I wont be danicing with no child uh no !

  2. brendamyrmicinae

    True, that freaked me out a lot, those were not Selena fans, fans always cheer and made they own posters, they were scared children put on camera and forces to smile at it.

  3. Agaetis1811

    the beginning to this series is shallow, i’ll admit that, but it was intentional, because most of the viewers coming here won’t know much about symbolism/illuminati. all my other videos are pretty in depth, so, thanks for your “constructive” criticism.

  4. stickymilkrice

    Ok I know about the illuminati, media, sheeple, builderberg.. etc.. your videos have illuminati points but majority of them are stupid random facts

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