1. urasismet

    hell, atleast I get to actually listen to the guy whose coming up with this bullshit rather than to devote my life in to a book written and re-edited god knows how many times by other extremists. I dont believe in David Icke but I believe in his Mullet !

  2. mamuburaa

    Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not all-knowing. It’s all based on assumptions sorted by probability. The first and most probable assumption for example, is that the universe exists. The assumption that there’s a secret race of lizard people would be on the end of this list, being the least likely. Just like a secret race of crab people trying to turn humanity gay. Baseless assumptions are of no use and can therefore be discarded until proven otherwise. I invite you to produce a lizard person.

  3. mamuburaa

    That’s a laugh. You can justify -anything- by claiming the system corrupts you to not see the -real- truth. There’s a lot of corruption in this world. The conspiracy of of the reptitle people is not part of that.

  4. TypicalConspiracyNut

    Nah man, Reptilian Politicians are for reals. You nonbelievers have just been brainwashed by the Illuminati alien’s moon base HQ!

  5. K1NGofCRAZY

    lol.. When you realize reality you would stop believing in stupid ass money/attention/control wanting things like this… And he thinks we are all being mind controlled, if that were the case we would not even have the ability to think that. We would just carry on like nothing’s happening but yet he can make all these claims… cause he’s just a normal guy not being run by fucking lizards

  6. commiunit1990

    Yes, they do actually.
    1.) He defines what reality is. Without doing that you cannot possibly see this stuff to be true.
    2.) He has done a shload of research. The ancients weren’t as primitive as scientists believe. They had much knowledge about what reality is. However, science is the new church.
    3.) You have to know about your education and how the system works (left brain indoctrination, trained to regurgitate what the system says are “facts”).
    Maybe make sense after that my friend:)

  7. commiunit1990

    What is reality?
    Once you understand the true nature of reality then you can believe the stuff. If you just hear him rant on reptilians and the NWO…then of course it sounds ridiculous. But if you open your mind up to what reality is….that everything is an illusion (Einstein said this, quantum physicists are starting to say this, David Icke said this years ago) because everything is just a vibration then you can get into the lizard people thing. I understand why it sounds crazy though…

  8. Regzus

    Well you might not agree with him on his Lizard theory.
    But he did excellent predicitons on banking system, resources, wars and you dont have to believe me, but he said that Jimmy Saville is pedophile back in 90s, and whole world laughed at him again. If you disagree with him on one thing, and then think that every single thing that he says i bullshit, then stay in your ignorance.

  9. kingkirby117

    The one thing I know for sure in this world is that the only way to know the “Truth” is to actually experience it yourself. I could bring you fur samples and a video of my dog. But until you go to my house and meet my dog, you will never know whether or not I actually own a dog. That’s why you better think twice when trusting government or any other “elites” ( not saying all are bad ) because after all, they are “strangers” and remember “never trust a stranger”.

  10. chang112x

    Som People actually don’t believe this stuff.. My fuck the world is sad.. i can say this either

  11. K1NGofCRAZY

    Oh.. its proved that all this shit is true.. wow crazy i never knew the moon was a super cool mind control spaceship, cause of all the proof to support that OMG !!!!! fuck you, you’re sad. If you believe any of this stupid shit you must be retarded, theres no proof or logic in it at all.

  12. Kynn Mark

    DMT is a hallucigenic substance and a very blah blahb blabber blah blabadooddle doo! Man. shut up.
    Just what the fuck do you know about DMT just by simply reading about it? Fucking do it enough times, and see if you’ll still stick with that argument. You wouldn’t know the difference between a hallucination and the truth even if it’s grasping you by the nutsack.
    fucking morons man. just a bunch of drones to test my temper.

  13. sprig3432

    Cognitive Dissonance?

    There can be all types of lifeforms across many sustaining planets, even lizard people in this universe.

    Why without any empirical proof from yourself do you believe this stuff.

    DMT is a hallucinogenic substance and a very spiritual and metaphysical one, if you read Stuart Hammerof’s theories he talks about the molecules as quantum electrons interacting with neurons. its sole focus is not on some alien reptilians.

    All of this things to me are disinformation.

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