Be a soulja, by soulja, hip hop illuminati conspiracy, freemason

dskitzchg asked:

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  1. Ceeray22

    Im feeling this SHYT!!! This real neqqa shyt in I reapect ANY NEQQA that will stand up 4 wat he r she believe in

  2. GreatMochaChino

    yeahyeah good beat young god, personally the threat is not a society or nuffin like that. Its ourselves. 

  3. Reality42086

    Nice shit man, fuck our government and fuck those behind closed doors. 5/5 man keep this shit up, I love these types of songs.

  4. nazwakontaa

    like bmw e36 I crash my on tree. Killuminati this bitches they dont hold pression when the more ppl wake up. Not bad tune Peace.

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