Aevus Lucifer pt.1 – Aquarius NEW WORLD ORDER 2012 Dajjal

galexy2far2c asked:

Gordon Brown and Barrack Obama announced a New World Order. The bias media portrayed in a positive light, without mention of the conspiracy, to dominate the world, or the corrupt politicians who were to become leaders of this world wide empire, a new Luciferian Word Order. This is a general insight into the so-called conspiracy theory claims, and their claims, and the true nature of the media mind control in Australia and USA. Dr. Reina Michaelson explains her experiences with the Illuminati. George W. Bush of Washington DC was a known member of the Skull and Bones secret society. Freemasonry is a fraternity that has members is all other esoteric satanic secret societies. Rupert Murdoch's Channel Ten is confirmed to be owned by the Illuminati. Pedophile politicians are just actors.


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    For anyone just starting this series…. Please keep on. Maybe the best information you will come across. PLEASE SPREAD!!

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