A Vision of Arkansas

RubysTableTalk asked:

I had been seeing dark brown dirt that was rolling and boiling for three days. I had not idea that it meant. I had just been putting it out of my mind waiting to know what the meaning was on the right day. Then on the night of Jan 1 I had this vision all over again with new meaning and I heard YHWH's voice telling me what the meaning was and I saw that was to come. Ruby Today 2/17/11 I was told FEMA has bought 120000 instant meals...saying 170000 people are going to be killed from Texas to Florida to Ohio and Illinois from an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault. This is not in the area completely where I was shown the quake will hit but YHWH will surprise many when he causes this to hit where he wants it to. New Years Omen?Thousands Of black birds fall from the sky in Arkansas beforeitsnews.com Department Of Health Warns About Fish Kill www.4029tv.com Hundreds of dead fish near Roseville prompt advisory www.arkansasonline.com Soil liquefaction en.wikipedia.org (ALERT) Reason Drum Fish Die In Arkansas www.youtube.com Woman reports dozens of dead birds in her yard www.wpsdlocal6.com More dead birds falling to the ground in KY and LA the-end-time.blogspot.com ALERT! WARNING! DANGER! New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent!!!! PROOF that HAARP is being used! www.youtube.com Ark. cities feel unexplained surge in earthquakes news.yahoo.com


  1. WhoIsNumberNone

    I’ll tell you waht in means- It means natural gas companies have been dumpng their frack fluid in your area.

  2. goatgirl61

    Thank you for posting…you’re right we are being sifted now … I pray like you that the Lord will smile on me and my family and if it means so to take home fast. I’m not scared nor am I running to the hills I trust,I have deep faith and I know I’m Loved …Peace to you Sister and the things you see.God loves us all …us All … BrightBlessings

  3. RubysTableTalk

    we are told do not touch my land or touch my people. we have done both. it is part of our judgment

  4. RubysTableTalk

    I do know the lower half or more of Florida will be under water I have been shown this twice

  5. RubysTableTalk

    they are coming alive all over the world ! I am awaiting for a prophecy to be brought to me so I can post it . with it puts to words all I have been seeing that I have been saying I did not know why to say plus will tell about the volcanoes and earthquakes. this person that has is does not understand computers or I would have had it Thursday night. Watch for this I hope it will help you :)

  6. MzDragonfyre

    @InTheKnow88 I have a friend who works for FEMA part-time he in NY right now but was in TX. He can not give details but told me to stay away from TX, FL, AK areas ans stuff…

  7. MzDragonfyre

    Hot Springs in Arkansas so it seems plausible there is volcano there or near this area….Yellowstone is more active. I also had dream of volcanoes in Maine—and there is supposedly dormant volcanoes in that state too. It is how the limestone cliffs over the ocean were supposedly formed.

  8. InTheKnow88

    Cont- His user name is Patrioticspace. And it relates the bird,fish deaths earthquakes and HAARP and the line of stuff related goes right through America diagnoly like i saw, but also another line through the middle of the east side. 3 lines, So it may, as you say, split us 3 ways. you should check the videos out. Also FEMA suspiciously buying food n blankets by the millions. Thanks for posting.

    May our Heavenly Father & Jesus bless you.

  9. InTheKnow88

    I had a dream that America split in Half and the east side sunk into the water my father (I think he was the Lord) says west is soon to follow. I was shown a map east side said “South America” West side said “North America” And another guy had a dream similar. cracks in the ground and water rushing through those cracks. zoomed out and saw it was America. You’re not alone in this. The Lord is showing us these things. Plus another guy found convincing evidence that it WILL happen.

  10. RubysTableTalk

    I have I think two videos where I have been shown the US being split three ways.

  11. Renathra

    Ruby, thank you so much for your insight. Please tell me what He means by split us in three parts?

  12. harrisonbee

    there is a sort of volcano, diamond state park is the site of a kimberlite pipe. also there is alot of disturbance in arkansas that results from coal shell mining, and the fracking process to get at this, causing earth settling and water well contamination.

  13. lightchild7777

    thank you for sharing these warnings ruby ..it seems there is alot of the flock receiving these same dreams … confirmation from the Holy spirit … God bless you and your loved ones…
    keep the faith !
    lightchild x

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