1. mazmagi54

    Amazing video to capture and remind us to REPENT, PRAY and REMEMBER. This was a warning to our country to turn back to God. Remembering and praying for the survivors and families involved in 9/11. Honoring the memory of all the precious lost lives as well as the brave men & women who served on that day, firefighters, police, medics, and so many other volunteers as well as our troops who have continued to fight, defend and protect our nation. God bless & protect each & every one as we bow & pray


    @playadominical it’s not about religion.
    it’s about the time he sacrificed to make this video.
    can you be more inconsiderate?

  3. whatexitvideo

    Never forget! I know this video is hard to watch but no one should ever shed a blind eye to what was done to us. Please always remember.

  4. pmishke

    What an amazing video !!! It brought back the terrible pain I felt in 2001 and that feeling of hopelessness. Let us never forget that awful day or those who died.

  5. Zoii1980

    Heaven Was Needing Hero’s (9/11 Tribute) And all of our Solders that have Fallen !!! —

    The American flag does not fly because the wind moves it.
    The American flag flies because of the last breath of every military member who has died defending it. :)
    My God bless each and every one of yall. And God bless the Fallen ones and there families!! There is a part of yall in each of our hearts.

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