2012 Prophecy Apocalypse And The End Of The World David Icke, John Major Jenkins, George Noory

serpentandthesun asked:

Will 2012 mark be the end of the world? Have we been warned? Is the Mayan calendar a warning sign? In this riveting documentary, filmmaker Shaahin Cheyene explores the mysteries of 2012. This extraordinary film contains a rare and never before seen interviews with renowned Aztec medicine man Ehekateotl, about the true meaning of 2012. 2012 Prophecy explores the truth, lies, myths and possibilities that surround this date. Learn from the source and find how you can discover what you can do to not only survive in challenging times, but to thrive. Contains interviews with experts like Shaahin Cheyene and Daniel Pinchbeck. www.aztecsecretpower.com


  1. beeferetown

    There’s 2 types of people who believes this crap. 1. people who collect disability because their nuts. 2. Religious people who are nuts. I cant wait to hear from the people who started this 2012 crap there logical reason why the world did not end. If they know it will end then they certainly will know why it did not and “god” decide to give us a 2nd shot in life will never be an acceptable answer. If you believe there’s a “god” you’ll believe anything like santa clause, easter bunny, tooth fairy

  2. TheServiceWeb

    Topics: The Issue On The Criminal Liability Of Foretelling The END OF THE WORLD, The Creationism-Evolutionism Debate (See Subchapter 10.2.2.), Other Debated Issues, Terrorism, War, Law, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Science, Others.
    Websites: balancedway.yolasite.com
    See Figure 4, which is THE MEANING OF THE PYRAMID, at figure4etc2.yolasite.com
    See Announcements at announcements-balancedway.weebly.com

  3. intuitivehealer88

    The film looks cool… But the trailer looks a bit over the top…

  4. nisiek09

    great and accurate to how the world realy is and what is awaitng. This is the begining of a new world.

  5. mrannex

    I like that they’re saying things about the unseen forces and the end of the trailer where he says… It’s not the end it’s just the beginning. Pretty interesting.

  6. omoisdeath

    I don’t believe in doomsday conspiracy theories, but at the same time, we also can’t deny that our lifestyle is a pretty destructive one.

  7. madbullwhip

    There are many different opinions and twists to the 2012 issue… this one is a hopefull one in that there will be a new beginning. As FDR said… there is nothing to fear but Fear itself !


    I dont believe in 2012 but its hard when yo have so many people talking about it and being bombarded bu images in media and movies.

  9. jetsetcandyce

    As somebody that is very interested in 2012, this looks amazing. Besides being such a fascinating topic, the footage looks beautifully shot and edited really well. I am really intrigued to see the interview with the medicine man and hear insight from the carrier of the Tetzkatlipoka tradition.

  10. TheChrspog

    I would have to say this is one of the best indie trailers I have seen on youtube. It is extremely relevant,especially as we are nearing more and more to the date.  The trailer has a shock value that immediately interests you and keeps your interest. It has the right tags to keep one glued to the computer with other videos on the same subject etc. I am definitely going to look this film up.

  11. Amberbollard

    This is an amazing trailer that gets you interested from the moment it starts, great cinematography and amazing editing, well done!! Can’t wait to see it!

  12. uasdgkiugf

    I respect that people can believe in anything, Some people believe 2012, some people believe its a pile of crap. That is what makes this world so great. You have different opinions and different views. Let them believe it, let them don’t. Its their life not yours. You don’t have to give in to all the hype.

  13. dalydose

    While I am not inclined to just immediately believe doomsday theories, I am always interested in learning another perspective. I may not be swayed, but a well done documentary should make you think. This looks to be a well made documentary.

  14. seadog5959

    @TheRianseeley Loved it and like the way you built up the film and ended it with its the begining, very clever to say the least

  15. jaimeg2309

    People will believe anything nowadays. Dont get me wrong, this clip seems interesting and I would take the time to actually watch this but, this whole 2010 phenomenom is just like Y2K and any other mythical creation that is thought of to make us pay attention to something that has absolutely no importance.

  16. beautifulEnigma1

    I have been doing personal research on the Mayan prophecies, esoteric agenda, and 2012. I would love to see this soon and hear his input so I can compare what I know with what he does. :) An awesome concept indeed.

  17. cupcakemya

    This movie looks interesting where can i see this?? 2012 is coming up fast

  18. bakeritservices

    This documentary seems very interesting. Looking forward to watching it.
    Creo que es cierto. No es el fin del mundo, pero esta el comienzo de un nuevo paradigma.

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