【MMD Drama Festival】A Private Detective KAITO (2/2) (English captions)

miya586 asked:

I'm NOT author. I reprint from Nico Nico Douga. I want to treat Kaito to liquor... Video:Reprinted from NicoNicoDouga. 【MMDドラマフェス】私立探偵 KAITO【後編】 (【MMD dorama fesu】shiritsu tantei kaito 【kouhen】) www.nicovideo.jp video.niconico.com Author: 必殺仕事P (HissatsuShigotoP) English Caption Revised By dragonfighter02! Thank you !!!! :'-D dragonfighter02's channel. www.youtube.com [Note] A source of mind control: Probably the source of information is the following book. Operation Mind Control: www.amazon.com Ending theme song: 【MEIKO】ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル【オリジナル曲】 (【MEIKO】Piano X Forte X Scandal【The original song】) Author: OSTER Project www.nicovideo.jp video.niconico.com www.youtube.com


  1. KuroKazumi

    I loved the story, and the translation was great. I especially like the fact that Kaito was the main character and Kiyoteru and Kaiko was in it, it’s pretty rare! Hmm…why does this reminds me so much of the anime ‘City Hunter’?

  2. Jazmine Salgatar

    Will you make more of this a part of a series!? Kaito is so awesome as a detective! I want to see more of the action!

  3. cure95sapphire

    although it says part i feel as thought there should be more parts to this vid
    are there any more

  4. SlayerOfTears

    When you have time, and aren’t already translating another video, would you translate this one?


    There’s a lot of translation requests on it.

  5. dragonfighter02

    that’s my fault, it was very late when i revised these and i noticed some foolish mistakes i made due to being tired, i’ll fix them when i can tomorrow.

  6. TheOriginalEmoEmu1

    Whoa, that was so good! oAo I love MMD dramas like this one. Thanks for translating for us. ^^
    Haru… ¬_¬ I don’t like you…

  7. IcestarRiver

    Aww! It’s over? That was a great MMD, seriously. Even with all the violence, it was happy at times… a few times… like Kaiko’s puppy dog eyes in the first half, when she was convincing Kaito to take the case.

  8. RuisuRuisuDance

    I was wondering if you could submit and subtitle this video to YouTube ^^
    nm11813801 < Can't post the full NicoVideo link of the video. Thank you! :D

  9. nemochan71

    o problem I can help translation :) I’m half japanese and I can read write and speak it. And I also speak english :)

  10. miya586

    I recommend that the background of captions is black.
    You will become easy to watch captions very much.
    1. Push ‘b’ key at keyboard.
    1. Push ‘CC’ button.
    2. Select ‘Settings…’
    3. Push ‘Background’ button.
    4. Push ‘Done’ button.

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