Who do you think the Illuminati and Bilderbergs support?

Mutant Marshmallow asked:

We all know that the President of the United States is hand picked by the Rockefeller controlled Illuminati and Bilderbergs. So, who do you figure it will be? I used to think that it was Hillary, due to her husbands connections with the group, but now I'm not sure. For those of you not familiar with these groups, please do a quick search. It is a widely known fact that Bill is the illegitimate great grandson of John D. Rockefeller, and was handpicked to be president. Is Hillary next?

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  1. jae w

    They support them all since all 3 are on the payroll. The long drawn out election is all part of the game that keeps you distracted.

  2. Oishi

    Well, for a while we thought it was Hillary. But I saw a Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow (regrettably, I forget his name) on C-SPAN giving a presentation on the election, and at the end, the moderator asked a half-joking question…

    Quote: “Before I let you go, I can’t NOT ask you this… who is our next President?”

    The CFR fellow chuckled a bit, but everyone in the room knew what the question was getting at. The answer he gave, in a likewise joking manner, was Barack Obama.

    Here’s my take. The pageant known as the election process is a litmus test for public opinion. The object is to determine which candidate would be most accepted by the public. So far, it seems that Obama is winning in this regard.

    The importance of switching parties every four to eight years is not only to provide an illusion of choice, it’s also like a game of “good-cop/bad-cop.” After eight years of neocon hell, the American people are rightfully fed up. A Democrat President in 2008 will effectively calm down the growing anti-war crowd, and give the GOP a chance to be angry for a while. Once the GOP sheep can’t take any more, they’ll switch back.

    So the question is, which Dem will it be? There is also speculation of a Clinton/Obama ticket. We shall see…

    By the way, they don’t call themselves the Illuminati anymore, but I know to whom you refer.

    And as for the “tinfoil hat” comment… you are in denial. There is no shortage of evidence, just an amazing unwillingness to believe it. I would rather be wearing a tinfoil hat than tinfoil sunglasses, sheep boy.

    And try to think of an original comment next time. Even your insults need to be spoonfed to you. Are you capable of independent thought?


    Obama – no question. How could such a lesser named candidate keep up with Clinton and McCain in the most expensive presidential campaign in history?
    He’s just too perfect. He’s radical, a family man, well educated, young, and definitely gets the most air time on TV.

    It doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person, I think it’s a means to an end. Even though he’s not my first pick, he is my favorite liberal.

    I wonder if he has a “Skulls” ring and jacket.

  4. Phil

    It can’t be widely known. This is a secret. And I don’t want to know because these organizations that don’t exist might ‘erase’ the problem.

    God you are a fool…

  5. beesting

    You forgot the Council on Foreign Relations.
    The sad truth is they are backing all 3 of the candidates and since they’re, you might say, “owned” by the big money, they don’t really care who wins.

    However, they view RON PAUL as an enemy and have already done everything in their power to discredit him in the shallow eyes of Joe & Jane America.

    Yes, Ron Paul with support from millions of patriotic Americans working to elect him, could really throw a monkey wrench in their well laid plans for world domination.

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