Zionism – Part 1 (Introduction)

ChristianOvercomers2 asked:

Many Christians have been bullied into thinking that they must bless the modern day Israeli nation or God will curse them. This is an outright lie and distortion of the truth... Pastor Ben Heath www.ChristianOvercomers.com


  1. xgotfiveonitx

    a large number of palestinians along with many arabs, are themselves christian, mainly orthodox. you can find arab christian communities throughout the middle east and north africa. in palestine, egypt, lebanon, jordan, syria, w. bank, gaza, and palestinian christians living inside isreal itself. they are appalled and ashamed at christian zionism. you guys are the only christians who are standing up for fellow christians who are the victims of zionism.


    i’m sorry but the British monarchy is evil. the windsors are inbred, incestuous, & demented at best. the antichrist will either be prince william or king juan carlos of spain. America & Canada should be the safe haven & not Europe IF there is a safe haven at all. i’m gonna tell you something though. the perfect refuge is found at the center of God’s will.


    I PRAY THAT AMERICA & CANADA BOTH WILL BECOME THE WILDERNESS FOR CHRISTIANS FLEEING THE COMING HOLOCAUST!!! i could be wrong & i’m ready to admit that i’m wrong but still i pray that God will purge, sanctify, & restore America so that she can become a safe haven for Christians from around the world fleeing the coming persecution & martyrdom.

  4. MsSimpleLife

    @ChristianOvercomers2 Sounds great. I’ll keep my eyes open for your other studies.

  5. ChristianOvercomers2

    @CookenWithKilla Yes exactly right. Revelation 12 even says that God had a place prepared in a special land for the Israelites where they would be blessed with abundant resources. Thanks for the input!

  6. ChristianOvercomers2

    @Dawnlina Ha ha :) Thanks. I was wondering if anyone would notice.

  7. Sunshine72303

    Genesis 12:3 is the promise given to Abraham. Jesus spoke to the leaders of his time concerning this very scripture. Hebrews 7 makes it very clear Abraham received by faith, not the law.

  8. ChristianOvercomers2

    @matsutakneatche Yes, we pray every day that God can begin to awaken those dry bones of the House of Israel to who they are…Thanks!

  9. ChristianOvercomers2

    @MsSimpleLife Hey you’re welcome, thank you for the feedback. Well we’re going to get into these things in a little more detail in the follow up studies so I’ll wait to answer most of your questions then along with more scriptural documentation. God Bless you too!

  10. MsSimpleLife

    Thanks for the lesson. I have been trying to tell my Christian friends about Zionism and the fact that the majority of the pop in Israel are not the descendants of Judah. I thought that most of of the jews in Israel were descendants of Gomer…I don’t recall where I read or heard that. Do you have knowledge of this? Also, I wonder if you could reference more scripture when you are explaining. Thanks again. God Speed! : ) PS I will check out your site and try to share the message w/friends.

  11. HisTrueImage

    Great lesson Pastor Ben! Can’t wait to see the rest of the series. So many are still rejecting the identity of the true Israelites. It’s time to remember.

  12. matsutakneatche

    Congratulations on getting the word out. Hopefully there will be a reformation in American Christianity.

  13. ChristianOvercomers2

    This is part 1 of our series of studies concerning Jerusalem and God’s People. These will probably be some of the most important studies we’ve put together so don’t miss any of them! They will help you avoid being deceived by the Antichrist when he appears.

  14. foreverrowdygrigsby

    Finally, I am so glad to listen to this message. I totally agree !! The Bible is clear, if we will only read it, pray, and Overcome !! God Bless You Pastor Ben !!

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