carlitoway44 asked:

Please visit www.hiphopcartoons.ca from now on I ll upload videos on my website I ll post trailers on youtube so you guys can check it out!!


  1. MyobuUzumaki

    Its so easy for fall for the lies when its everywhere, and when you become aware of it, you start to doubt your own sanity. Its a tough world out there but I am glad to see some have found their own way. You should be proud of that. I am also searching for my own way in this world of sickness. Peace and love!

  2. nandansho

    Carlito’s Way 44 Now is your time, You’re about to go Big. You are a catalyst and creating a paradigm shift in the thought process of Non White People. This is God blessing you for your Noble efforts. I see you taking a trip to Africa, and also Europe and Asia,,Peace Bro I’m happy and grateful for your Knowledge, Talent and Wisdom.

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