World Ecumenical Movement for a One World Religion

anonymoustruther2 asked:

We have noted that the ecumenical movement plays a key role in forming the Antichrist's world religion, which will be a paganized Christianity such as was developed under Constantine and became Roman Catholicism. It is therefore not surprising that behind the scenes, the Catholic Church has been pushing ecumenism for years. It is not only drawing the "separated brethren" of Protestantism back into the fold, but uniting all religions under Rome, as Revelation 17 indicates. The current pope is the leader of worldwide ecumenism. As such he presents an altogether different picture from the inflexible dogmatist determined to convert the world to Catholicism that most people imagine a pope to personify. On the contrary, John Paul II has taken the initiative in contacting leaders of the world's religions, accepts them as working toward the same goals of social justice, ecological wholeness and world peace, suggests that their prayers are as effective as those of Catholics, and has not attempted to convert any of them. He seems content to be acknowledged as the spiritual leader of the world's religions uniting for peace. Such a stance on the part of the Pope is entirely consistent with the religious system he represents. As we document in Whatever Happened to Heaven?, Catholicism was formed through a union of "Christianity" and paganism and has always adapted itself to whatever religion it Christianized. Haiti, for example, is said to be 85 percent Catholic and 110 percent Voudun ...


  1. anonymoustruther2

    ok.. I think you misunderstood the whole thing and I also misunderstood you in what you’ve said before.
    I agree with you here… I’m not here to preach to the choir… they are already saved even if they believe some lies.. If what I bring helps them, great, but I’m here for people like I was before… a new ager jew hater idiot.

  2. zerocurrency

    Whatever, all I know is I find more love, more faith, outside of this Bible-bashing religion. By their fruit you will know them. You can argue with words, but you can’t argue with fruit. Notice again how those who harp on Jesus being the Only Way avoid his practical teachings like plague, written in red letters in their own Bibles. Notice how they’ll ironically quote all kinds of scripture to confuse & distract away from Jesus: Jesus is his life & teachings, our example.

  3. anonymoustruther2

    Is that supposed to be an argument against what I do? HAHAHA!
    Jesus is the way, the truth and life. Doesn’t that expose ALL religions? ALL religions are a threat to the Truth.
    That’s ONE example, and there’s many.
    John 3:20, Ephesians 5:11 & 13, 2 Timothy 4:2, Titus 1:13, 2:15… what do you think ALL religions does, INCLUDING 99% of the so-called “Christendom”? Proverbs 30:6 -
    Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

  4. zerocurrency

    Yup, a narrow path. Notice who won’t touch his practical teachings with a 10 foot pole. Notice how the Gospel that Jesus teaches is amazingly absent here. He did expose false religion, the one right that calls him “Lord, Lord” but won’t DO what he says. If other religions were such a threat, why isn’t there one single example of Jesus himself speaking against them? The wide wimpy path adores searching for evil in others. The narrow path has courage to look at its own faults.

  5. john146only

    @zerocurrency he said there was a narrow path that few would find salvation, and a broad path ( numerous false religions) that would lead the mnay to destruction.

  6. john146only

    @zerocurrency He said in john146 that sinners/people could only come through HIM, and that if people did not acknowledge him and repent of their sins looking exclusivelt to him, they would die in their sins. He spoke of hell plenty of times…..

  7. anonymoustruther2

    He STILL expose the religions… ALL of them. How? Because He is the ONLY Truth, Light and Way. You CANNOT “win” your paradise/illumination/whatever through ritual, meditation, astral projection,…anything… Salvation is a GIFT FROM GOD, received THROUGH Christ by Faith and Grace only… NOT works… as ALL religions works.

  8. zerocurrency

    Yup. He exposed the clergy of his own Bible religion, yet not a word against any other religion! Pretty obvious. He came unto his own, & his own did not receive him, as his own here harp on him being “Lord, Lord”, yet don’t receive him, searching for Satan everywhere but in the mirror. Again, notice how Jesus’ practical teachings are avoided like the plague here. Pretty obvious, his teachings are written in your own Bibles, even in red letters so you can’t miss them.

  9. zerocurrency

    Yup. He exposed the clergy of his own Bible religion, not breathing a word against any other religion. Pretty obvious. He came to his own, & his own did not receive him. His own, right here, calling themselves Christian, don’t receive him, ranting about Satan everywhere but in the mirror. Again, notice how those here won’t dare touch Jesus’ practical teachings with a ten-foot pole. Pretty obvious, written in your own Bibles, even in red letters.

  10. zerocurrency

    Yup. He exposed the clergy of his own religion, not breathing a word about any other religion. Pretty obvious. He came unto his own, and his own did not receive him, just as his own right here, calling themselves Christian, don’t receive him, ranting about Satan everywhere but in the mirror. Again, notice how these “fundamentalists” won’t dare touch Jesus’ practical teachings with a ten-foot pole. Pretty obvious, written in your own Bibles, even in red letters.

  11. zerocurrency

    Hmm… Jesus lived in a melting pot of religions, yet there is NO record of him breathing a word against another religion. In fact, he said he found more faith outside his own religion. This pissed off his own so much they crucified him. It is his own who reject him. We love to look for Satan everywhere but in the mirror. Notice how none of these “Christians” will dare touch Jesus’ practical teachings (called the Gospel) with a ten foot pole. When our mouths are shut, our fruit reveals us.

  12. a77white

    ~“Feeling”~ ~“led”~ almost ~“compelled”~ to ~“write”~ my(free)~“book”~ ~”DIVINE 9/11 INTERVENTON”~@ LOVEGODISLOVEdotORG ~“thusly”~ I ~“discovered”~ a ~“77”~ ~“alignment”~ of ~“seven…”~’s ~“hidden”~ in the book of ~“Revelation”~! Do you think ~“this”~ ~“physical evidence”~ of ~“Spiritual Intelligence”~(i.e.~“God”~)might cause more of ~“us”~ to sit up and take notice of what it ~“truly”~ means to ~“Love thy neighbour as thyself.”~! ~“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”~ A.Einstein

  13. Revivalkingdom

    this site alone explain to us what the one world religion is..He will come as the God above all these Religions,But accepting of them all as well..he will be the God of all path’s lead to Heaven through any religion you choose…he will be The AntiChrist lord of false religion and pathe to hell..This is why the gate to hell Hell is open wide..and the one true way is narrow through Jesus Christ…very easy to understand what we are in for.

  14. PimpingRice

    Religion is dangerous they are associated with the secret government who are Satanists. New World Order is where they are trying get everyone at and therefore everyone is brainwashed and then The Illuminati will then have control and then kill Christians, Atheists, and Jews to reduce the population under 500,000

  15. Thegreyraccoon

    You see, There is one God and he made on way. A god that makes many ways is a god of confusion. The one true living God is not a God of confusion.

  16. spysr

    The Jesuit Order within the Catholic Church is running the whole NWO Anti-Christian Agenda.

    Google : Total Onslaught New Age Agenda

  17. adolescent900

    Jesus was another revolutionist that was exposing the corrupt system of the Roman Empire and got crucified for it.

  18. RobunHud

    “I am the way the truth and the life, none cometh to the father except through me.” – Jesus.

    For a Christian to say otherwise is to deny Christ and deny God. To do so is anti-Christian.

  19. talkingfortruth

    that’s exactly what I meant. People want to say Christ’s death is insufficient, that you can accept him AND a littany of false “gods”. It’s Christ, and Christ alone!

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