Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow – Symbolism & illuminati

TheFreemasonCrew asked:

A quick video explaing where can the freemason sign be spotted on the Black and Yellow Music Video. Give us your opinion if you have spotted out more just post a comment bellow...


  1. TheTurbanTV

    Kalifa doesn’t make the videos… He either has to obey whoever makes the video or can’t relies his album. Kalifa means ritious successor i’n Arabic, he was raised by MUSLIM grandparents. Please do some research before claiming all this bullshit. The illuminati is bigger than rap

  2. TheFreemasonCrew

    @will12715 i know that but if you read the channel it says crew…. so you might think in your head that alot of people are included in this channel and they upload their own video’s.

  3. will12715

    @pobody69 rly cus that kinda looks like an upside down star with a goat in it, thats not freemason thats satenism, how evr u spell it

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