Witchcraft: Myth and Reality – Witches, Occult Paranormal Documentary

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Witchcraft: Myth and Reality - Witches, Occult Paranormal Documentary Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) is the use of magical faculties, most c...


  1. excusia

    The distinction between witchcraft and paganism is like the distinction
    between compost and mud. You really don’t want to fall in neither, so
    what’s the point of hairsplitting.

  2. † RevelationNews †

    Catholicism is NOT true Christianity. That church is responsible for the
    death of more TRUE Christians than ALL governments.

  3. Sonja Grinstead

    ….Witchcraft is not a myth it’s reality! …if one has the biblical
    status on demons, ghosts, and b e i n g demonized then there’s no doubt
    as to whether it’s real or not! …While many poo poo a n y t h i n g of
    biblical truth, it does not mean because THEY reject biblical truth on the
    demonic satanic realm THAT IT IT ISN’T TRUE! …One example is in the New
    Test quote of Jesus Himself! …””Go ye into all the world and preach the
    gospel to every creature; he that believeth and is baptised SHALL be
    saved; but he that believeth n o t shall be damned and these SIGNS
    shall follow them that believe; IN MY NAME THEY SHALL CAST OUT DEVILS
    …etc.,” Mark 16:15-18 …
    It is no mystery at all when you know what the God of Abraham says about
    the satanic realm, ..but keep in mind the thousands of “man made religions”
    of the world do not uphold nor recognize the New Test John 3:3 empowered
    faith that casts out devils and sets the captives free!
    The New Test Acts 1:8 …Jesus said, “And ye shall receive p o w e r
    after the Holy Ghost is come u p o n you and ye shall…” …do you
    belong to a faith that has no power to heal the sick, make broken hearts
    whole, and cast out devils from those who are not in control of their
    lives!?! YOU CAN BE IT!!! …if you are saved in Christ!!!

  4. Regina Lynn Bush

    I laughed, I cried, I banged my head against the walll..gads. Watch this
    for the imagery if you wish, but turn off the volume to avoid the
    revisionist tripe. I should have.

  5. Xenagosrising

    Seems pretty obvious to myself that Humanity is some otherworldly
    experiment. Only natural to assume their would be a conduit or backdoor to
    the experiment (kabbalah) or Mystery Babylon whatever you want to call it.
    Strange thing the Inquisition and State law accross Europe murdered
    hundreds of thousands through the Catholic Church. Arguabley the most
    Satanic order on the planet with their Jesuit minions. I would theorize
    that a cleansing was to keep the competition at bay. After all Queen
    Elizabeth I had her wizard John Dee. Witchcraft and the occult was rampant
    in the nobility. The Romanovs were partial to Rasputin before murdering
    him. Only makes sense that unclean spirits are attracted to inbred
    psychopaths in control of a whole continent for maximum devastation in
    ending the experiment. As for the average practitioner… I suspect
    minimal to no results based on the mere fact that you aren’t important
    enough other than to be tormented. Evil wants a nuclear bomb not a tree

  6. Luxas Aureaum

    no offense to this creator, but you have the ones accused and claiming
    understanding by 3 models, a playwright who was said to steal from the
    bible of the day for wording, a convenient slave that was taught the way of
    voodoo as a culture, a disturbed group of church people trying to control
    the masses because of money and ill fated sheep herding skills, oh, and a
    bible turned occult master that went out of his wealth way to break a long
    tradition of arts created his own and then died of a drug addiction (named
    in chasing the dragon) seems apt for teaching witchcraft awareness, not…
    (the jury was blind) not well educated..period

  7. CherryBeautyBomb

    The Lord god has protected all of us believers of Christ from this
    nonsense. I am here to preach and to pray for the delusional. Seek The Lord
    and he will give you an answer. If you seek satin he will trick you because
    everything you ask from him, there is a horrible price you have to pay. The
    Lord will never do that to you he will reward you with heaven.



  9. haseoxx

    People fear what they don’t understand I suppose. I find it rather annoying
    how they always go off about witches being harmful and selfish. That’s
    human nature, no matter what faith, religion, lifestyle, you go by humans
    with always be harmful, selfish, or greedy. You can’t just blame witches
    for being as such when Christians have also done harm.

  10. Susan Field

    Witches were burnt all over Britain, so not sure why he is saying they were
    not ! and Matthew Hopkins ( witch finder ) grave is in England. So that’s
    where he is.

  11. Kai Hendriks

    Claiming you have the right of government (governe= to control,
    mentis=mind) is an abomination.
    To claim the authority of God to be the means by which you perform the act
    of government is an atrocity.
    Only being with Christ, and I mean ‘knowing’ the Christ will lend you this
    authority. And this will be an authority limited to your own understanding
    of the Christ nature.
    You will not be able to perform aformentioned atrocities and abominations,
    for it will be against your nature. 

  12. Tim Halcomb

    I’m the kind of person who says “punishment” is NEVER an act of love.
    Rather, it is hate. Any time something hurts me, I resist.
    And, if I hate someone, I’ll put in an extra effort to do just the opposite
    of what they want me to.

  13. Alexis Ruiz Ruiz

    I believe in God myself but seriously… in the name of “God ” how many
    innocent people perish … sooo much BULL SHIT:::: 

  14. Roger Bovee

    CONDEMNATION.” For a free King James Bible and to read free comic book
    tracts on many subjects just click on my photo, then the link below.

  15. Anna Bearce

    I could only get through the first 5 minutes. I had hope this would be a
    more accurate depiction of witchcraft, but they got it so wrong right from
    the start. It’s sad !

  16. TheOn3LeftBehind

    They’re talking about Wiccan witchcraft in this video. “Even witches
    themselves have their threefold law.” Not ALL witches believe in this,
    especially traditional witches. This is an Eastern-based philosophy.
    Traditional witches WILL indeed use curses, jinxes, etc. if someone has
    done something horrible enough to them first. I’m not at all concerned with
    what will happen to me with a curse I put out on someone’s future family
    because of what they did to me. Never mess with a witch. 

  17. wes Frishkorn

    Are you serious!?
    I remember pruduence becke as a a whore in you times And titchaaba was an

  18. Diane T

    Interesting presentation that covers a lot of true history. Some people
    have a history of killing for what ever suits their purpose at the time.
    Killing millions of Africans for slavery, killing millions of Indians and
    taking their land as if they ‘discovered’ Americans, converting people to
    Christianity then setting ‘pagan’ holidays to align with Christmas, Easter
    and All Hallows Eve to Halloween. Killing women who could deliver a
    healthy baby or know what herbs that could return someone to good health.
    Certain cultures never tried to find fault in keeping one healthy. It is
    good now days that we are able to discover the power of herbs and organic

  19. josh garrett

    They didn’t mention that Crowley was a Satanist. A lot of holes in this

  20. jimcurdy

    Witches. Witches? Only in America. R U familiar with the adage: Fool and
    his money soon part? Are you also aware that the USA is like at the bottom
    of the list in education? Witches? Got Ghosts, anyone? Dumb ass fools.
    Believe in elves too?

  21. ivie armstrong

    Say demi lovato 3x then dont talk until u repost this on another video then
    listen to your voice

  22. rob whee

    “Cassius Longinus” stabbed Julius.”Saint Longinus” (extraBiblical) stabbed
    “Son of God” watch?v=lTUYGR5E4p8 “Gospel of Caesar” watch?v=gvga-98x6Nk
    Check out 1st 3 links in description of “Sacred Cross” watch?v=h3Vj-EgwRJQ
    “Messianic Caesar” watch?v=vDhddLfQ0GI “Magic Blood” watch?v=K89fcDSxDXA
    Evolution of Satan watch?v=j-gbOnWj6Mw Crown of Destiny watch?v=rMVAUcFj3Aw
    My pic is a coin from Julius Caesar with 3 sacred “Tropaions” (John 19:18†††).
    watch?v=fFDBeTdPKig watch?v=lFFRChTdp3o watch?v=rBYqLW_aw2A

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