Who are the bad guys?

bigmoney714 asked:

You must truly know who is doing what these days cause there are people who are put in your face to guide you down the wrong path.


  1. SomeUser9753

    Jesuits practise voodoo and call on daemons you know :D. I was hearing a strange sound of something creeping inside my room and hitting the wall behind my head also outside on the door. I kept seeing a light above me I guess it was my gardian angel :D. This is true at the end it was horrible it tries to destroy your heart :D. But it doesn work, I just left the place and found the truth, the jesuit got in the hospital right on the next day :D. After year and a half it’s almost gone :D.

  2. SomeUser9753

    This black pope is a perversion and assimilation of the jewish blood :D. He has jewish in him, but he’s not a jew :D. It’s all true, I’ve been attacked by a jesuit satanist, looking just like a jew :D, at the end he got in a hospital :D. This mother fucker was trully satanic, he had icons in his office on his desk in front of him and he was behaving trully evil, mean, greedy and sinful, with this fucking face of him he was showing that the jew are like this :D. Jesuits = children of satan.

  3. Yoetah

    Ahhh, the first photo of our very dear friend
    David Rockefeller. He’s such a kind fellow. He cares about the planet too.
    He has a plan that includes me and you.
    What a guy!

  4. onesliceshort

    Very interesting. We need to pinpoint exactly who these people are.
    The second last guy talking said the Vatican was ´scared of America´ …exactly who? It´s hardly the politicians…they seem to have the same gameplan.
    The US public? Most are brainwashed and don´t know what´s going on (or don´t care)
    Im not having a go at anybody, just want to know what he meant by ´America´
    Cheers and fuck the NWO.

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