1. sludgefingers

    0:23 “How do they conceal their messages? By subliminal messages….” LOL dumb fuck

  2. sludgefingers

    Oh God why? Why? why? (Clue: because they don’t fucking exist except in the tired, boring imagination of the dummies who post these moronic videos)

  3. TeggyGoneMad

    I dident assume you where a christian. I do see now i wrote your religion, when i should had write religion in own right.. But we still in the same problem. The eye on the pyramid has never ever been christians, or amaricas rigth to use.. But as so many other things, they dont have the right to.. they take what they want, and use it as there own. and the people of usa, dont learn this in schools or study, its just not there in history books of united states of amarica

  4. brittanie sidebottom

    He gave us free will. We have the choice whiether or not we will lust or be greedy or be tempted. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just saw this lol :-)

  5. El Jeran

    WHere did you get the idea I am a Christian??? I looked up the history and meaning of the pyramid and eye on the dollar bill. The Eye of Providence, that is used on our dollar bill, is steeped in christian symbolism. Stolen or not. But now that it is used in pop music videos all the time, it has become satanic. So many clubs, corps, orgs, whatever, use one open eye for their logo. I suppose that means they are ALL satanic? I think Hollywood is a stupid and sick industry but devil worship? LOL!

  6. Sumner Morrill Koch

    God is operating all in accord with the counsel of His will, every minute detail,
    He is in control
    . Is not He the almighty
    In Him we life move and have our being…

    Son, Messiah, King…

  7. WisdomSquare

    For anyone that is interested, I’ve put together a growing article titled: “Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Know About The Illuminati.” I would love to get feedback from this community, as I’m constantly adding onto it as I learn more. You can check it out here: wisdom-square(dot)com/top-10-things-you-shouldnt-know-about-the-illuminati.html

  8. TeggyGoneMad

    I agree with you, though some of the people behind illuminati was not against god in general, more against the people who spread the word of god.. Adam Weishaupt was endeed a protastant and the creater of the group illuminati back in 1776. there was ofcause many other names who helped created this group, and yeh i do think alot of people need to study alittle before speaking on youtube. to many people spread fear to the masses. Fm off

  9. TeggyGoneMad

    Templars has nothing to do with Illuminati, where the hell do you people get your information from. youtube?? Only a few templars became freemasons, the rest was killed by the church. Adam Weishaupt created the Illuminati. And its had nothing to do with the devil or god.. but all about teachings and letting the people get the chance of learning and reading. things like the bible, or just common knowlege. as the church at that time banned common people to read the words of god and lies.

  10. TeggyGoneMad

    lol who told you that? that eye represent the eye of god, when your so called religion was not even made at that time.. The pyramid and a eye was the sun god Ra´s eye, looking down on the egypt.. He was there god, a god created 3000bc. Its funny how the christeans has a tendesy to steal other religions messages and put them into there own..

  11. Lolechi

    This video sounds like a conspiracy theory of a paranoid american! if you are like me (atheist) you will know that this is bullshit. The things he suggests that the illumnati did are just random facts like the money thing at 5:53. there are a 100 ways to bend a US dollar and you can get pancake pics and other stuff that doesnt mean we are being manupilated! (sorry for grammar mistakes)

  12. Lolechi

    This is redicilus and if you believe this well then you misguided tool. *tut*. Aha also that 6 that people they make with their hands is the ok sign that is a universal diver and people sign not illuminati. and 666 is a triangular number which is math not a force that controls the world. How can they make a connection from the all-seeing eye (who protects the good and sees the corrupt) to something corrupt? I dunno this sounds like straight bullshit to be told at a campfire. Like if you agree!

  13. Brandon Powell

    huh dont beleave in god so why would i beleave any of this comical bullshit LOL anyways thanks for the good luagh

  14. sludgefingers

    Illuminati are so well known now they are no threat. The Corvi are the real secret organisation to be aware of.

  15. Jack Lambourne

    I think celebs do it just to get publicity tbh, just cover an eye in any picture and youtube goes ape shit :L

  16. B uzzkill

    I’m sick to death of hearing Massive Attack and Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet. Get a new song FFS

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