What is the Illuminati? Part 3 – on Anonymous (2013 Documentary by KilluminatiSHS)

KilluminatiSHS asked:

What is the Illuminati? Part 3 - on Anonymous (2013 Documentary by KilluminatiSHS) Intended to be a starting point for beginners, a convincing thing for skep...


  1. KilluminatiSHS

    Part 2

    With the all seeing eye stuff, its known by many names such as the eye of providence, horus’s eye, etc.

    Symbolism is used in many places, symbols meaning the same thing.

  2. KilluminatiSHS

    You’re mixing the “Bavarian Illuminati” with the Illuminati i’m referring to, which I do so because it has become a term people agree on and is a term people use to refer to the unified conspiracy. “figureheads doing their own activities”, look around you, look at the wars, new governments laws etc.

    What i’m talking about is the force behind “governments”, education institutions etc., the real leaders behind them and even the “secret society” known as the Bavarian Illuminati.

    Cont in next post

  3. Kryonetik

    I dont understand why ppl think the modern day illuminati is going anywhere. Theyre just figure heads doing there own activities. Illuminati started as an anti prejudice group and was trying to help support Women’s education. and it’s stupid that they consider the “All seeing eye” as part of them. The eye of horus?

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  5. RSpker000

    lol, there are some pretty skilled hackers mixed into Anon, as it says in the vid though, they (again, its a loose collective so there is a variety of people with different morals who can technically take the name “Anon”) do DDOSing not hacking peoples computers or “hacking antiviruses”, like you put it, usually.

  6. RSpker000

    Again, its a loose collective so many different groups in it. You can just google Anonymous it’ll come up with AnonOps, a twitter with news etc.

  7. RSpker000

    You want to join anonymous? The idea of Anonymous is the masses uniting under one, theoretically you are already part of it, to be honest anyone can do an action and say it was done under thae name of “Anonymous”, but what bit in particular do you want to do, protests?

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