What Is The Illuminati ? – Illuminati Nedir ?

Illuminati Members asked:

VISIT MY BLOG FOR MORE INFORMATION ON "WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATI?": membersofilluminati.blogspot.com A lot of people keep asking the question; " What is the Illuminati " so in reply to that, hopefully this video will help to answer some of your questions. membersofilluminati.blogspot.com What is the Illuminati or Illuminati Nedir


  1. Danny Waters

    The illuminati is, infact, real. This is simply misinformation. People who have watched this video get scared and frustrated, so they leave a negative comment to try fruitlessly to secure themselves. It’s kind of sad, really.

  2. stewiebot171

    This is the dumbest thing i have ever read in my entire life.This is literally fucking retarded, and all the people who believe in this stupid ass conspiracy are too retarded, and are probably lonely annoying people who probably have no friends besides the other people who believe in this bullshit.

  3. informationwarfare

    The Virus Of Freedom is a documentary designed to create world peace and destroy government corruption.

    Check it out on my channel for free! Share it to change the world.

  4. ChuckNorrisDaughter

    Want to be like a celebrity is not illuminati.
    It’s called stupidity and being a sheep.
    Get it right

  5. MalfunctionxStudios

    I was laughing my ass off when I read about this conspiracy theory. decent information til it mentioned about Satan and evil aliens. as for the media industry, they used this conspiracy for a good marketing idea to gain popularity.

  6. YellowSnowmanful

    I’m a US Law abiding citizen and sometimes… I think your right.

  7. Rey Buldog Rey

    FUCK YALL!!!!!!!!!! Tupac is comin back niggaz Iluminati can suck my mexican dick bitch n choke nigga come try get me motha fuckers fuck all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LatifaShaqueefa

    dont believe this video?
    good, its a horrible example.
    but the Illuminati is real. there are far better examples than Obama’s i love you symbol.
    in the video, it asks you to leave a like if you believe in the Illuminati. those who commented do have a small unconscious feeling inside them that they are real, but they want to deny it, so the leave a negative comment about it. do more research, you may be surprised.

  9. MrBraniko

    illuminati game ?

  10. Alex Anderson

    Lol jk stupid conspiricies

  11. ancientgoddess1

    Using the f word is not the way to make peace. What would the Pope say?

  12. ancientgoddess1

    Not bowel movement, just entertainment. Scary music, good costumes, lots of fiction why? to scare you! glad it didn’t work now on to better things.

  13. ancientgoddess1

    Clinton, thumb out, Obama thumb out, american sign language for I love you. the others well, who is too say.

  14. Dominic Mangino

    and your wrong because the hand symbol for I love you is your index, pinky AND thumb. the gesture in the video is the symbol for devil horns.

  15. Dominic Mangino

    its because of symbolism. most of the time when you hide things in plain sight theyre overlooked. and olso its because they don’t want people to notice it right away. they mainly only want it to be viewed on a subconscious level. the illuminati is not a religion but an organization that has been around for centuries. there is plenty of illuminati symbolism in the video “umbrella” by Rihanna but youd only catch it on a subconscious level.

  16. daredevilsteak

    Well it makes sense that pop music is brain washing people, if they didn’t no one would listen to it because of how shit it actually is

  17. punkrockpromqueen13

    A little advice, leave more time for the script and less for the pictures

  18. MrBusen2

    The IIIuminati don’t control the world idiot. The ONA does, u don’t fuck with the ONA

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