1. kaliyuga2758

    I’m beginning to understand how much we communicate through symbols and how little through words.

  2. SkyRifter

    >Do not even think; Even the Holy Words we speak Today Have been tampered with via the Frogs in the houses of Worship amongst your elite even working Miracles till this day.

    Exodus Plague 2; _witness of the present times.

  3. SkyRifter

    The proof is in the pudding; In the Symbols they choose, in the clothes they wear, the things they talk about; the present till the future; the air they breath;
    all signature signs of total control of us;

    We worship them via the way we live out lives each & every day; unknowingly realizing the way we live everyday has been crafted to worship “them”

    (Consume/ Stay-Sleep/ Buy/ Worry-Stress/ $Money is Your god.)

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