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Lady Gaga is a known puppet for the Illuminati. Her newest video predicts the outbreak in Ukraine with symbolism. More evidence that she works for Illuminati here:


  1. KevinShane75

    @Kracg999 Actually, in Christianity Baphomet is supposed to neither male or female and he’s said to be the offspring of Lucifer and Ophellia, at least thats what I was taught in youth group. We had the discussion because of all this “stuff” going on in the music industry.

  2. KevinShane75

    Ok, I get it now, I didnt realize I was supposed to watch the video, I thought it was just hers & Ive seen it a 1000x.

    But OMFG could this story and this guys “video” be any more pathetic? Youre saying theres a connection between the Illuminati and this plague solely based on a product advertisement in a video. Then holy shi# everyone, watch out, cus she had eff-ing wonder bread & verizon phones in a video after that one. Warn everyone you know, cus I guess since it was in her video, theres gonna be an outbreak in every country that imports wonder bread & verizon…. Jeez, gimme a frickin break for crying out loud. Dude, do some of your own “investigating” & stop ripping off from other peoples sites (i.e. Vigilants)

    Ehhh. ew. wow, this dudes “info” for reals pissed me off. I 100% believe that the Illuminati are still around, I believe theyve got their fingers on the pulse of every country in this world. I believe theres no coincidence in all the symbolism and goings on in the entire entertainment industry. But I also believe that A LOT of people are totally whacked outta their minds when it comes to conspiracy theories (yes, Im talking about this dude)and they’d be better off refraining from “reporting” their THOUGHTS as 100% factual. I mean, damn.

  3. KevinShane75

    Ok, third post, jeez maybe Im as much a whack-a-doo as this fella if not more, for even remaining on this site, but I do love reading all about this stuff from others points of view. So, I have to sorta apologize to that dude for the last post, but Im not taking it all back, just the fact that I totally flipped bat shi# crazy, but I still stand behind what I said, just coulda approached it a lil differently s’all. So, sorry.

    But ok, I LOVE Lady Gaga, despite what I believe. I love the fact that she’s a fearless, ball busting, empowered ARTIST. In response to another post I read on here, IMHO I believe that a lot of artists dont know/understand how their work is being manipulated (i.e. Gaga, Rhianna) and if they do, then that really sucks, but I loved music before I knew this stuff, and Im not gonna stop and give that up, it means too much to me. Besides, if you know where your faith lies, and youre right with Jesus, then youll be just fine. Ok I guess thats the remainder of my 2 cents… of to another site, late.

  4. KevinShane75

    Im sorry, need to make a correction. Baphomet was not the offspring of Lucifer & Ophellia, it was Lilith that Lucifer spawned this deity.

  5. GGGunitNextLevel

    Brainwahsed GaGa fan’s will keep hatin’ on people who try to wake them up and show them the truth.. Just ignore all bad comments. I’m glad I’m one of those who know’s whats poppin’..

    Did u notice the horns above the bed at 3:45 ?
    Also you can see horns in the “Paparazzi” video clip.

    Watch carefully Jay Z’s “I’m On The Next One” video clip..

  6. Kracg999

    Hey, guess what dumbshit.
    Baphomet IS NOT LUCIFER.
    Baphomet is a pagan image.
    Lucifer is a judeo-christian image not a pagan one.

  7. larsjake

    the enlightened. god forbid people aren’t superstitious anymore. Although a 24 year old upper middle class girl doesn’t speak for anything, now does she?

  8. kittyfur78

    i think in part that a lot of these entertainers use the illuminati thing as publicity honestly cause its like omg they are all satanists and that sparks controversy around them making them more interesting my opinion still.

  9. Ohmythatspainful

    Why would the Illuminati show off all this symbolism? On her body, in her vids, her poses and gestures, etc.? What’s the point? Or is it Lady G doing it herself? She’s got a graphic artist she throws ideas around with to get the Illuminati symbolism across loud and clear? She’s showing all this mind control related stuff, in some cases very specifically, because she is under mind control?? …huh???… If any of this stuff is true, then the Illuminati are very creative, artistic people.

  10. boognishishere

    Maybe artists like Lady Gaga are actually trying to warn people. Artists like her, Kubrik and 2-Pac are trying to tell secrets without being targeted themselves. Trying to influence the public to work against whatever the big plan for humanity may be. Maybe her message is that she wants you to know she works for them and is playing their game. Maybe she is playing their own game against them.

  11. BakMau

    @ipen5 I think u need to open your eyes and mind, if it is posible.
    If you hunt for foods thats ok, but for fun or a kick is fucked up man. Killing is no good!

  12. BakMau

    @able2MakeitSHINE well, just to inform you, the music industry have alot of fluences in our daily lives, radio ,tv, adds and on and on. have you ever heard of mass brainwashing? subliminal messages?( hope u understand my rubbish english)
    just look at the kids now aday no manners, they don’t give a fuck about anything!
    no respects for theirs own parents. just listen to “daddy gaga” lyrics: “I want your vertical stick” do you really think that 10 years old children should be listening to that?

  13. dolc3ff3

    This guy sounds so damn retarded… Its like he is explaining this video to child… What if she woships Satan?? … RIDICULOUS!! i cant wait to get my hands on that ukraine vodka mmhmmm

  14. ipen5

    i have a fuckin goat head on my wall doesnt mean i worship satan, its a hunting trophy. deer heads are also used in necromancy but that doesnt mean that all hunters are necromancers. all you conspiracy theorists have to take into account of all the variables before you can jump on conclusions, she might be a wanna be illuminati

  15. polengsantiago

    ok i think lady gaga is an illuminati though she might deny it BUT ABOUT THE VODKA? well i think ur exaggerating it.Its not weird that its featured in the video, Its a form of advertisement, like when we see nokia phones on other music videos

  16. RrAnMaRu

    why do they have to do that….
    Jesus Christ is most powerful than bullshit Satan…
    my bullshit father!!!!fuck!!

  17. soloist4ever

    dude I gotta say I seen alot of vidoes claiming alota stuff but I like how you do your research and put it all together in all your videos. Much respect man keep it up and stay sharp. btw did you notice the orange skies over Seattle on the 1st? wonder what that was about, maybe that’ll be the subject for the next video.

    Knowledge is the power that will fuck the New World Order.

  18. chagOwwuUUu

    there’s nothing strange about a vodka brand being advertised in a video.It’s a smart move from the vodka company knowing that lady gaga is world famous and by people watching her video and seeing this brand in the video people will want to go buy it.Nothing new nothing out of the ordinary, you see this in movies tv shows sports entertainment etc.

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