1. chadwick1037

    your obv white fool just cause you on youtube you think u can front as a black person get your confidence right and be who you really are

  2. chadwick1037

    people knew about the illuminati wayyy befor you were conceived brah get ur head right today its bull shit used 2 instill fear amongst the masses from some dudes who saw coincidences… illuminati didn’t kill pac.. thats just how it is in the streets damn people r on some other shit

  3. chadwick1037

    You obviously aren’t listening by using killuminati he’s trying to kill the conspiracy.. he didnt belive in that bullshit, clean your ears.. the conspiracy is ued to keep people in FEAR

  4. kevin05

    wake up!! We have all been decieved. The devil time is now. things are changing for the worst.

  5. CowCobi

    They say he was part of it…. but then he saw his errors and changed … and its believed as punishment he was framed and jailed by the illuminati.. as a warning.. he brought out killuminati to rise against it .. and then was killed

  6. joeblow59

    You DONT kill somehting you DONT belive in… Who the fuk Knew about the illuminati bak in the 1990’s NONE OF US… So what would promt him to put Killumnati on the LAST ALBUM BEFORE HIS DEATH…. He knew he was a MARK man after that shit

  7. DJTwelveGaugeTV

    No this is where he wasn’t 100% sure he was going to go against it yet. You still got the blind fold still pulled over your eyes. Stop being fuckin ignorant, and do some research. ALL the proof is right there in-front of you

  8. digitalchico

    why do you say nigga so much? its fucking annoying nigga like yeah nigga seriously nigga stop that

  9. Airbornebull

    That was before he thought for himself and thought it was bullshit as said in this interview. Music is art anyway to generate interest. Nigga this is a interview. no lyrics for shock value or publicity. This is his real feelings nigga. And he understands that in reality it don’t make sense and its bullshit. Face it.

  10. Airbornebull

    OMG im downaloding this. Pac clearly is stating that the shit is bullshit and he dont believe about it in reality.lol

  11. dealmaker74

    Ok to me this proves that he didnt believe in the illuminati…but he was a part of it and just hadnt put all the pieces together yet…I mean come on guys..it was 1996…he couldnt go to youtube and google it…

  12. mel19023

    i dont know if tu pac believes in the illuminati or not but he clearly states he doesnt believe in it here. He is right that the thought of such an enity can makes us feel unconifident and powerless but that doesnt make it unreal. I dont know if its real or not the only thing i know is that u dont need a secret society to control people. the people at the top only have bribe people like jay-z with more money and power to feed their pride and theywil get the job done knowingly or unknowingly.

  13. allanTUPAC

    o aye he is kidding and there’s been fucking interviews..books.movie.songs all about it and in all them he says it more than once….u gotta do sum researce seriously ave only started the reaserce and no al lot about it all ready……

  14. Kingdom4Real

    @PresidentRich Dude look up 2-pacs interviews, dicussing other artist who are shy at the moment (Nas, Mob Deep) he discusses how choice needs to be made, either get out of the game while U still can, or if U are in the game support the wealth while U are still poisened. It’s some deep shit.

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