1. MinaRoss1978

    Was it not Blasphemy when they put the picture of a WHITE MAN AS Jesus????? NO IDOL WORSHIPING, mean just that doesn’t it? so why is it a problem when this black man does it?

  2. 83Nini

    Thing is, you’re looking at this the wrong way, listen to this guy talk and see what he wanted for the world, for society, maybe you’ll learn something

  3. meduse90

    2pac stayed authentic to his life. I think you does not understand the real life et you does not understand 2PAC. 2PAC spoke for the peoples who where in the poverty, you know what is the GETTHO ? He died in 1996 He was 25 years old and if you listen his speeches and his songs you will think that this man was mature in the perfection I am a fan of 2pac and I study 2pac because he is the truth and you know the truth you see her it or you see here it not.

  4. Bulkin247

    tupac saved my life by giving me words that heal the soul instead of self destruction. A true tupac fan knows what he is all about, even when he speaks foul language.

  5. jaskamala15

    he thought me if u cant find something to live for u best b finding something to die for.

  6. isaaqphiri

    Hear you people of the world God loves you he is the one that created you, he want you to have life. And this life only come through knowing Jesus Christ, who is the son of God. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Do not be decieved. This illuminati is just a toothless Lion it is harmless. Jesus Christ has overcome.

  7. MakaveliWillReturn

    changed my life, no doubt. Do you even know what thuglife means ? you gotta know more than just a few qualities that he posessed to understand him fully. Otherwise you aint know shit

  8. WhereWeComeFrom

    thats exactly what made him so great, was that he wasnt forced to be a victim, he CHOSE to put the enormous burden of humanitys struggles on his shoulders and ultimately gave his life for it, the illuminati is the enemy, once he was able to put all the pieces together, they knew enough was enough and decided to pull the trigger on him, because with his voice, his knowledge, his motivation, his energy, his love and his following, he could have been able to wake the masses

  9. r2itos


  10. Losermountain

    i’ve done a lot of research on the illuminati almost two or three years, but i still don’t know what to think. the fact that religion is the center of their power just scares me. it really does, because how do we know that listening to a song on the radio or singing it isn’t a form of devil worship? i mean, something we do on Earth could ruin the rest of our eternal lives. the fact that people have died because of them and all the power people say they have is even more frightening.

  11. TJG7

    honestly, now you guys are taking this illuminati
    ish to far. not every movment is blasphemy to God,
    like lebron james doing those poses he’s just doing him
    it’s not to copy jesus or anything, people are taking his every movement
    to be blasphemy and not just him other basket ball players to, and why is it that its mostly black entertainers thats seems to be promoting this illuminati triangle ish.
    I know some do but damn,not all

  12. TJG7

    thats the dumbest thing i ever heard
    of course he improved peoples life, you can even
    see on youtube that he is the most INFLUENTIAL rapper
    ever. I mean if you dont like the guy just say that because its
    clear that you don’t and its also vivd to see you don’t understand him
    saying he was very egotistical and angry. He is probably the only celebrity
    that wasn’t thinking high of himself. Like people hate him cause they really don’t understand him

  13. SamBrahim

    those people went on to rule a country we all know as el salvador they were illuminati leaders that is why tupacs clic aka gang is called killuminati meaning kill the illuminati for they have destroyed his family.. so if you look at the elsalvador flag u will notice the illuminati triangle and the sands of the desert.. and if you listen to his newest album before he died the don killuminati you will hear alot of clues about all of this.. this is why he had an impact on our lives

  14. SamBrahim

    tupac the 2nd was born in 1742 he had organized an army of 6000 indians to fight a man named cuzco wha had set up and army of 1300 tupac the 2nd won the fight bit failed to capture cuzco.. colonel ventura landaeta and captain francisco captured tupac amaru the 2nd and ordered his execution he also was beheaded in the same place the original tupac his great great great grandfather had died.. he died on may 18th 1781…

  15. SamBrahim

    well i will tell you… in 1572 the original tupac amaru was the leader of the inca state on june 24th 1572 someone had destroyed the his empire to find that tupac had vanised with 100 people the the lowland forest a man named juan perez de loyola found tupac warming his wife which was pregnant he told tupac he would be safe and he was lied to and beheaded.. his last words were mother earth witness how my enemies shed my blood that was the end of the original tupac amaru

  16. ZakiaGTime

    @bamainatlanta, You must not listen to Tupac, so why are you commenting on something you don’t know about?

  17. TheRealRevelation

    According 2 A Lot of Info out there, Tupac got involved with the illuminati when Suge bailed him out of Jail. I think (& I know that doesn’t count 4 much) 2pac was going 2 truly bring about the start of their downfall. He saw just how evil these men were & changed his subliminal messages 2 “Kill Illuminati”. Hence the title of his last official album. I do agree with you that 2pac has improved some people’s lives. I guess some folks just don’t understand how Powerful one song can be.

  18. MichaelTheArchAsia

    and tupac made songs that other rappers at that time would never put out, like “changes” and “keep your head up” that truely meant shit, and music has a big part in peoples lives and he was the only posative rap in the 90’s, i know his music helped me get thru some shit when i was down and depressed, and he was pretty much the only rapper at that time that glorified God and thank him for all that he had

  19. Jorlandoable

    Michael Jackson in his song ;this is it , he tells that he is the light of the world. Isn’t that a big blasphemy? I could not believe that he is an illuminati guy but when I read the lyrics I understood.

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