1. NoGuyComesClose

    Religions are gonna have major issues since the invention of the internet. Everything we were told was evil & not to read has created new perspective.

  2. Nickolay061995

    My spiritual contacts with the Highest Mind containing information about different types of energetical bodies, chakras, the presence of the program of life, extrasensory perception. Videos are called Age of Aquarius. 1) Age of Aquarius (pranic nourishment) 2)Age of Aquarius (approaching global catastrophe) 3) Age of Aquarius (energetic world) 4) Age of Aquarius (energetic bodies, chakras and kundalini) 5) Age of Aquarius (diseases, chakras and energetic balance and exchange). Nickolay061995

  3. 666caimbirdofhell

    Angels pushing planets instead of gravity. Almost as fantastic as Gorgon’s gazes stoning one to death. Literally.

  4. qaplatlhinganmaH

    watch google video:
    Thomas McEvilley on ‘The Shape of Ancient Thought’


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