1. aleterra

    You have to eat REAL food and you will lose fat. Eat green vegetables and cut down sugars and flours. And no, this is not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE. You are not supposed toe at any junk food in the first place, we didn’t evolve to eat that.

  2. jgirlfromca

    i have heard of hcg on youtube first. i was skeptic. then i got his book on weightloss. it confimed my doubts. i am starting today with phase one.

  3. BigDaddyDSM

    I have 11-days remaining on my hcg protocol. I’ve lost 33 pounds in 31 days. This is easy and the healthiest thing I’ve ever done for weight loss. Along with it our family is now eating grass fed antibiotic/steroid free meet and organic vegetables. We also installed a soft-water/revers osmosis system. We couldn’t feel better!

  4. HCGNewbie

    This really does work!!! I have lost a lot of weight in a short time and still lossing. This is the Best Way To Loss Weight!!

  5. sociald87

    I love Kevin Trudeau he changed my life and I did the weight loss cure protocol I now weigh 158lbs. im 6 feet tall and Ive kept the weight off for 6 months now

  6. tigonridge

    Kevin Trudeau is my hero, and I’m not say that just because he has my same first name. I don’t care what the haters say about him. The man is well-spoken, caring and smart, and I’m surprised someone hasn’t gunned him down for the things he’s tried to make public about the FDA.

  7. Kyleigh320

    I am on phase 3 now, lost 15 pounds my 1st go round. LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE , this plan. I am still losing just doing the low carb. I too, could not afford to go to a clinic & pay 1200 dollars for 1 round. I just followed Mamaclok here on Youtube,[Thankyou girlfriend!] This works! Praise God & thankyou Kevin for writing the book or I never would have found it perhaps!

  8. AiluMaiden

    My husband and I both lost 50 lbs on the hCG Protocol, and are keeping it off. For any who are interested, search Youtube and see all the vloggers who have also had success as well. This Protocol really, really works. Doing it through a spa can help, but it is not required.

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