1. ThreeFangCat

    Accusing someone of lying is a pretty strong accusation. Got any evidence for that, or, more generally, evidence for the existence of Nibiru?

  2. StonesDunedin

    Also, this is an interesting page …
    “The predicted size would make this the smallest sunspot cycle in nearly 200 years.”
    (The sunspot cycle occurs at the same time as the active part of the 11 year flare/CME cycle.)

  3. bugbait42

    Here’s a very good website to go to if you are scared. It totally debunks with science and common sense all the “Nibiru” and “2012 doomsday” nonsense: 2012hoax.org
    If you have any questions, you can ask them on the forum on the site or you can ask them on the Facebook page at Facebook dot com / 2012hoax. No need to be scared – it’s all total BS.

  4. ThreeFangCat

    I am open minded–to claims made with supporting evidence. And, like most Nibiruists, you don’t bother with that whole E-word. In fact, I find anyone who firmly asserts it exists without evidence, as many do, to be terribly closed minded.
    Open minded does NOT mean ‘accepts claims made without evidence’, and you won’t get any mileage trying to use it that way.
    PS: And ‘Just research it’ is a cheap attempt to reverse burden of proof.

  5. StonesDunedin

    Do not make wild, idiotic claims about deaths when there is absolutely zero scientific evidence of any worldwide disasters in December. You and your fellow doomsayers are being extremely irresponsible when you do that. Many vulnerable people actually believe that their lives will be in danger! . and there is real risk of self-harm or worse. You need to grow up, and have some mature concern for the welfare of your fellow human beings. Whether you realize or not, your idiotic claims are dangerous.

  6. StonesDunedin

    Try these sites :-
    … cheers …

  7. StonesDunedin

    In the north: Alaska, many parts of Canada, north Europe/Scandinavia, north Russia, Siberia.
    In the south: the southern parts of South America, maybe South Africa, southern New Zealand.

  8. StonesDunedin

    If all these false claims become very stressful you may need to get some assistance – at least to guide you through your present difficulties. If you go to your family doctor you will be able to get a referral to a professional who will be able to help. There is nothing wrong with doing that, lots of people get that sort of help, and the ‘pros’ are good people.
    For technical assistance with debunking the idiotic claims please go to the website: 2012hoax.org

  9. MrWrestlingfan1986

    Well you said some of this stuff is info supplied by NASA please tell me where i can find this.

  10. MrWrestlingfan1986

    Sometime in 2013 is the end of the cycle and how far north and south are you talking about.

  11. Txdreamer80

    I understand what you are saying, and nothing would make me happier if it does turn out to be all a bunch of lies an hoaxes to scare people. But seriously, they really need to stop it because some people such as myself really do get afraid. I was not being accusatory in my questions, these questions have been building up in my mind because I have literally been so scared. It’s not from accusations, it’s from fear. Fear alone can kill you, and this has put me under so much stress..

  12. bugbait42

    Yes, it’s the same kind of thing that happened with the so-called “FEMA camps,” in which hoaxers showed pictures of a camp in North Korea and claimed it was in the US.

  13. ThreeFangCat

    And this is my point: Those that make such videos, taking KNOWN images of underground structures (Cheyenne Mountain, a cold war Soviet sub base, the Congressional subway, etc), removing the context, and presenting them as something sinister, are PURPOSELY HOAXING. Their reasons vary, but the goal is to make you afraid.
    If you need help sorting it out, I understand. But ask if the issue is true, don’t be accusatory with loaded questions, assuming the hoaxers are right. Good luck.

  14. ThreeFangCat

    People who make websites and videos about 2012 purposely press your buttons. Don’t buy it. For example, ‘underground bunker’ videos are often collections of images you won’t recognize, labeling them as ‘underground bunkers for the elite to survive 2012’. Oh, really? Because you don’t recognize it, such a conclusion can be made? No, that would be Argument from Ignorance. If you check the comments of the ones that actually allow critics to comment, many images are also identified.

  15. ThreeFangCat

    It’s not a matter of rights. The issue is simply, those who make positive claims have the burden of proof. That’s you. And all you’re doing is passing off that burden onto those that disagree. That’s a logical fallacy and invalid.
    One of the immediate problems I see is you think YouTube is a place for research. Nothing is further from the truth. Any claim can be made and the video will never be removed for inaccurate content, so long as community guidelines are not violated.

  16. StonesDunedin

    There is absolutely zero scientific evidence that any worldwide disasters will happen in December. Those websites, books, and videos can say anything they like. Ask them for some scientific evidence to backup their wild claims!! They won’t be able to supply it. (Eg. The starting point for supplying extraordinary evidence of an object in Space is the right ascension and declination coordinates. *Nobody can supply that info! It doesn’t exist!) . For more info please go to the website: 2012hoax.org

  17. Txdreamer80

    I did not comment about bunkers to have to need to show any evidence. You have a search bar in Youtube and you have Google, if you want to confront me about it then do your research first. Secondly, I commented about them because I am genuinely terrified, and I do have rights to speak out and question experts on anything I choose to because I have to live with fear and would like some of that fear to subside.

  18. ThreeFangCat

    Fair enough (I thought you meant in the video). OK, so now, part to, where you prove they exist, since YOU made the claim. Specifically, bunkers built for the elite to survive some sort of 2012 disaster, right? Let’s see your evidence.

  19. Nintendo1337leet

    If there’s a planet 4 times the size of jupiter or a brown dwarf heading towards us by the end of this year we (especially the millions of astronomers worldwide) should all be seeing this thing right now. Yet we aren’t, why? Because it doesn’t exist hell the people who started this hoax originally said it would come in 2003. Ever since then the nibiru nutters have been making failed predictions ever since. Now they incorporate nibiru into the mayan calendar BS.

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