1. Chopinsnocturnes

    This interviewer hasn’t a clue.  Theosophy teaches that matter is imbued with Spirit; while Christian Science teaches that matter is an illusion of mortal mind and is unreal and hence not created by God. The interviewer should have done his homework. mr. Gomes should have corrected him. I have been a student of Theosophy since 1989.

  2. TheKJVforever

    Rom5:12 Wherefore,as by one man sin entered into the world , and death ny sin; and so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned:Luke 19:10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost.John 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.Jesus is the righteousness the sinner must go through.

  3. lotsofsmarts

    All beliefs have radicalists that put their own spin on teachings and then stray far away from the core which most religions teach… as does HPB beliefs… LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and CARING for fellow man. Her writings are a marvel because she visited many, many different lands and gathered much info from masters in order to put this together. Nothing in her teachings suggest racism. Hitler did what so many do. He saw the power in it, and used it for bad. The word occult is simply “hidden knowledge”.

  4. Whyrweherereally

    But anyway i believe the ancient sacred teachings of meaning spawned from a book/box(?) in Tibet.. this all sounds very witchcraftish tho

  5. Whyrweherereally

    ‘Truther’ or ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ are simply just popular labels/terms that people tend to follow/use mainly because of our patternized way thought and organized grouping-structure through interpretation in our mind.. for example, this group of people do this, so they belong to ‘this’… Its really not what you ‘do’ thats the issue, its who you ‘are’ that levels towards actuality

  6. SoClearlyNow

    i am very disappointed that a “talk radio” host is conducting the line of questioning in this video, they earn their living by running their mouth, sensationalizing both truths and lies, and its just my opinion that anyone that talks that much has to tell lies on a regular basis, ( much like car salesmen, whom i consider to be rated three layers below slime )

  7. AdonisKingAXC

    Blavasky and Crowley were the most influential occultists of our time… In my own studies I have often been surprised jusy HOW influential they were to the shaping of politics and religion. PEACE! ~a~

  8. undercoverjesus7777

    i dont think u can understand war unless u think multidimensionally ie if people r bringing over karma from other lives then speculatively speaking the reason a group of people r targeted like the jews 4 example may have nothing 2 do with being jewish in the planned universe a group of souls can incarnate together and they work out their karma quickly and collectively and the prevailing predjudice in this case against jews in europe, is used by the universe as the means of dispensing karma

  9. CIA182

    I’m kind of shocked that….people who view these videos still believe Hitler to be the guy we learn about in school. Political bias aside, If you want to know Hitler, just close your eyes and talk to him…in the second place: Props to him for reading something like HPB…I’m pretty sure most policies these days are inspired by ESPN.;)

  10. wendylou57

    Having just started to read her works I find nothing offensive in it. Simply a women on a journey search out the truth.

  11. ninyae

    People interested in the teachings of Blavatsky, might also like to read the Manuals of Dhamma by Ledi Sayadaw, also written in the 19th century. Buddhist and he also talks about our first manifestation in this realm as being one of spirit. Living in the sky.

  12. monkeyjoe9

    Its funny becuase theosophy will talk about being connected to the universal will, and the conscious and subconsious. And all the people who condem things without reading them are really just projecting their negative thoughts in their subconscious being projected onto forms. People need to do some psychical cleansing.

  13. Ultimatetruthseeker1

    Many negative comments about a lady that they did not meet, hang your heads in shame! Start thinking for yourselves sheeple. I do believe there is hope for you, but it requires a life of purification, service, devotion and generosity. Namaste.

  14. 666caimbirdofhell

    you’re way better than the last blavatsky speaker i heard more fluidity & pleasantries unto thine ears.

  15. NewtonBong420

    actually adolf hitler was high on meth and constipated through his whole reign of evil and thats a fact

  16. Zoink555

    I joined TS and I will sure change the planet with my understanding of the universe via some power I’ve found myself. :P

  17. zackrowe1

    hitler followed her, aliester crowley child sacrificin /raping writings were the same. vril society, black sun, etc. yep satanic. lucifer is ur god

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