The Perverted Disney Empire (Illuminati Exposed)

ExposedCelebs asked:

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  1. Jharold Bennett

    -3:47….NO SHIT DUMBASS!!! HIS NAME WAS SORCERER MICKEY!!!!!!!!! DUH! This dude is a freaking idiot!

  2. Victoria Jonas

    We try to cover it up and not admit to it but the truth is were all pawns in someone else’s sick game. The problem is they think their winning when really their being controlled to and the good thing about all of this is that God predicted all of it in the Bible and if we truly follow his word …. noone can keep us down because when your down to nothing God is up to something

  3. Allen Mudrovcic

    This Illuminati stuff is over complicated bs. It’s simply sexualization of everything gets a lot of viewers and makes money. Although most of the things in this video are completely stupid, the part about pop stars and jessica rabbit has some truth. In the end you can only blame the people making money off it and the people who know this and still watch it. If you don’t want sexy to make money and media to brain wash kids stop watching all that

  4. Panter4

    OK, very good. Lots of undeniable symbolism. But as far as I know, Disney was a DeMolay only and most of these modern cartoons presented were created much after Walt’s death.

  5. NaliTikva

    It’s not the illuminati, it are the silverbloods.
    You are just an other brainwached sheep they made belief it are the illuminati.
    I probably shouldn’t post this because the silverbloods probably kill me for it lol.

  6. ThrowedMinded281

    The Illuminati was real back when America was still the thirteen colonies. Illuminati ain’t shit now. There is no black man in the Illuminati. Illuminati is the biggest racist party. Go listen to HiiiPower by Kendrick Lamar and your mind will explode.

  7. MCweinerdrizzle

    The evidence is obvious that these public figures have some sort of connection with the IDEA of satanism and illuminati, BUT if you had any knowledge of science you would know that these so called “controlling spirits” in the industry don’t exist. Science can easily prove that there is no supreme being. No God, No Devil, No Iluminati, No Eternal Life. Dislike all you want but please stop being ignorant and wasting your time. The illuminati is just your justification for apathy towards society.

  8. Cann1Bass

    just like daniel tosh said you draw the little mermaid for a year and try not to put a dick somewhere

  9. WoWdropzone

    My eyes have been open and I can’t wait for the nwo. Thanks for showing us how you are so perverted, you can’t even look at cartoons without getting an erection staring at little kids and seeing sex in everything you see/watch.

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