The Pendle Witch Child – Occult Documentary

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The Pendle Witch Child - Occult Documentary Simon Armitage presents the extraordinary story of the most disturbing witch trial in British history and the key...


  1. Sonja Grinstead

    The child could be demonised by her surroundings and people around her
    such as parents, …for example if one or the parent OR both are in bondage
    of demon suppression, obsession, or possession even to any degree for
    reasons of involvement in witchcraft, and the occult, Satanism etc. a
    child could innocently suffer the transfer of a demon spirit. …this is
    not in reference to this particular video but many children become
    suppressed by the demonic realm depending on the condition of the
    parents. GROSS SIN of parents is also a deciding factor of demon
    possession, but the good news is there is spiritual deliverance for this
    condition. A spiritual problem has to dealt with spiritual power, not

  2. Felix Burke

    Which is it, “slattern” or ‘slut” ? [@ 3,45] the two words have totally
    different meanings. A slattern is merely an untidy messy woman nothing at
    all to do with her sexual habits although many people confuse it with a
    slut or a whore.

  3. Some Guy

    omg @ 7:05 they got benjamin franklin to talk about a witch trial !?!?! how
    is he still alive ?!!?!?!? did they borrow jhon titor’s time machine ?!?!?

  4. Koltiras Rip

    Kids are so easily impressionable, have an incredibly vivid imagination,
    and a deep terror of authority figures and the punishment they might mete
    out. A child fearing punishment for being late might come up with a crazy
    fantastic story to make up an excuse for it, rather than simply pony up to
    getting distracted and wasting time.

    You can’t take what a kid says seriously, not completely. There’s a whole
    school of child psychology out there specifically because getting the
    unadulterated truth from a kid is challenging.

  5. YBKP

    I love the little animations they included into this documentary. Makes the
    story feel even more messed up.

  6. Christiaan Baron

    a lot of women murder men and boys and male infants. it’s a long standing
    practice among witches

  7. Yusiley Sierra

    Apparently any independent, free thinking woman who is knowledgeable of
    plants and organic medicine overall is consider a witch… back then me and
    all the women of my family would be considered witches than. >_> Silly
    Christian men… always fearing the power that the vagina holds over them
    because of their weak will to control their primitive bullshit perverse
    minds so blame women for their inability to control themselves. :P When it
    comes down to it the witch trails were targeting mainly women and men who
    supported and protected women…. things that the church feared. After all
    the church was run by men and most men never liked to share power. Is it no
    wonder why more women are turning away from women hating religions and are
    focusing beliefs that are more equal to all people? I’m so glad to live in
    the world that I’m in now. It is not perfect and it can be many time even
    better for all, but it is way better than the fucking bullshit past. I can
    at least sue and prison my rapists, beaters and human rights violators;
    whereas in the past I would be forced to married these fucks and have their
    babies. >_> I hate it how people glorify the past when in reality it sucks
    donkey ass shit. Thank you for sharing this video.

  8. John Martell

    In the year 1485, two German men by the names of James Sprenger and
    Heinrich Kramer from the province of wheilheim had written a book

    The Malleus Maleficarum.

    One of the most blood soaked works in human history.

    This title would translate into “The Witches hammer”. A Catholic
    text that would quickly be adapted by the Popes and Bishops of the Holy
    Roman Empire and all its followers as a witch hunters guide book.

    It would be the false ideology and “beliefs” of this book that would
    lead to a 257 year hysteria in Northern Europe and North America
    known as “The Great Witch Hunts.” 9 million innocent women would be burned
    alive, mutilated, hung, and then the church so as to capitalize on the
    crimes of their own false accusation, banished the husband and family, and
    sold off the house and farm. wake up you maggots, your government is no

  9. NCRick Irby

    Children raised in an environment of superstition and evil will naturally
    conform to that milieu. Those that are loved and cherished turn out as
    healthy, loving adults.

  10. maria cummings

    So many innocent people lost their lives all because of ignorance,
    superstition and prejudice. This is so sad.

  11. Surma Wolf-Sister

    I consider it entirely possible Janet was the abused, neglected child of
    her family, with favor being given only to her brother and sisters, the
    golden children of a union blessed by official marriage. Janet, meanwhile,
    was the child of illegitimate sex, something that Catholics perhaps
    consider the most heinous crime of all. Janet most likely would have been
    brought up believing she was a “cursed child” because of this, destined for
    hell and forsaken by god. Her mother may well have been exposed to similar
    shaming by her community, and may have taken it out on Janet and, to a
    lesser extent, her other children. This may have escalated into verbal and
    physical abuse, which may have turned Janet into a withdrawn, resentful
    child. We’ll never know the psychological underbelly of these cases, but
    given what we know of Janet’s background, I’d say she was very easily
    turned against her family by an ambitious magistrate eager to use any
    leverage he could get. It’s a pity we don’t know who Janet was in the care
    of while her family was imprisoned. Makes me think that information was
    deliberately repressed so that her testimony would seem more credible and
    unbiased than it actually was.

  12. araregoodguy

    I would rather hear the full testimony of the child than the butt-hurt
    talking head witches lol

  13. dangerousslave

    Magic and spells are still used on everyone today in the world through the
    Magi and Acts derived through oxford English (legalese) and the Vatican. oh
    i forgot the mainstream media cast spells..

  14. Kim Rosin

    I find it interesting… it turns out, McCarthy was right. Now after the
    communists in govt are large and in charge only now do we realize the
    demonized McCarthy was correct. Also, the “witches, druids, and wiccans”
    of America are celebrating their liberating America from Christianity,
    again by these kinds of enlighten documentaries…. so how long into the
    new dark ages of Lucifer’s rule…. are we going to realize…that there
    may have been “something” to all the witch hunting? Just curious. 

  15. Sarah Moulder

    Been reading the spook books but the only resemblance between this and the
    books are some of the names. I wonder where he gets his inspiration from…

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