THE OCCULT: Revival Of Evil – Paranormal Occult Documentary

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THE OCCULT: Revival Of Evil - Paranormal Occult Documentary This documentary reveals how the occult has permeated our history. Candid shots inside Anton LaVe...


  1. metalskirmish

    where are the videos written and scripted WITHOUT religious bias. wheres
    the pro – occult videos at?

  2. Mark Meguid

    Americans are the greatest bull-poo artist which explains why they make the
    best natural born actors of crap..
    Satanist and the sorts are wannabes that will end up in hell regretting
    their folly. 

  3. Rev55

    I was an atheist, I made fun of faith. even though growing up I thought I
    was a Christian, one day said I wasnt I made fun of religions, I said the
    worst things.

    You can call what happen to me OCD, schizophrenia, identity disorder, there
    was a time i didnt know if was sitting at home or in a menral hospital.
    I had the worst thoughts of hurting my self, my family, I would be at work
    I would have intrusive thoughts of hurting someone with my wrench.
    Thoughts of doing things to myself, gross stuff.
    I couldnt eat the food looked like flesh or worms.
    I would have paranoid thoughts of people “they know, They know, they know”
    people would make reference to what was going on, how could they make
    reference its like something was turning my friends againts me.
    I would hear laughter.
    Even my body had betrayed me.

    I was in college when this happen, I had to drop out fir awhile I went
    home, I told my parents I was just home sick. I would lock myself in my
    room I thought I would loose control, i tried playing sports exercising to
    get my mind off of it, it didnt work, I would just stare off into space
    battling these thoughts that where offensive to my very nature. after 8
    months, I said I gotta tell my mom, I cried that night my thoughts where
    telling me hey your gonna end up in mental hospital your whole life.

    I never really prayed before, so I did I asked god to save me, I asked god
    to make it go away, in the morning I felt good, it was on my mind but not
    as intensely, after 2 weeks I was fine, I went back to school, never
    thought about it again.

    Again call it schizophrenia, ocd, identity disorder, it went away.

    I never really told any one It was pretty embarassing to go through it.

    Well I give the glory to God, he saved me, Jesus Christ still has power

    God bless

  4. Keith Yo

    You’d think if KISS were friends with Satan he’d do something to help Paul
    Stanley. … he can’t sing a lick anymore

  5. jgarfunkle

    I think I’m guna try to obtain powers. It would make my job a hell of a lot
    easier to just sit in the back room on my phone “willing” the customers to
    operate the till and make food themselves.

  6. ManWithBigTittys

    Holy Crap it worked!!
    I just willed (real hard) for This video to end. And it finally did. Wow
    what power.. 

  7. Barb Chiavelli

    richie blackmore was not the singer of deep purple or rainbow. This is a
    bunch of lies meant scare people.

  8. noiwont doit

    I can here the mental health authorities rubbing their hands together,hocus

  9. Ken D. Webber

    I knew this video was lying the second it said KISS was chanting Beelzebub.
    That is pure BS!!! and the BS just kept rolling. 

  10. Trollioli

    Good gravy. 5:25 that chick is as wooden as you can get. You know shes
    reading a script. This whole thing is just propaganda. And I’m not even a

  11. Rose Wattson

    Jesus can speak through you, he can lead you but he doesn’t posses you, he
    can but doesn’t choose to.

  12. Joachim Peiper

    holy shit, when they start talking about DK (dead kennedys), i had to
    laugh, these guys TOTALLY misinterpret punk rock

  13. Ilya Mitin

    To call Hindu gods the work of satan… And to refer to the Hindu Brahman
    experience as a deceptive feeling of unity and possession of satanic forces
    is complete and utter bullshit. If this guy is a scholar of eastern studies
    he would never make such an ignorant and uneducated statement…. Hail
    satan 666

  14. Vasilios Angelis

    The guardians are a little late it’s 2014. They must have taken the long
    way here.

  15. Felicia Johnson


  16. carcrash714

    Ozzy Osborne doesn’t play the guitar in Black Sabbath and I doubt that he
    is good friends with him. This guy is a liar and a pretty bad one at that.

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