The men behind the curtain – New World Order – Illuminati – Occult.

jimmy53436 asked:

Atlantis truth obama new world order nwo bush Clinton satanism Satan Illuminati Freemasons dmt psilocybin shrooms magic mushrooms psychedelics government lies answers control brainwashing fake truths lost civilization chemtrails chem trails fluoride poison America conspiracy conspiracies ufo mysteries evidence weapons secret alien aliens mind control genetics murder killing ghost antichrist devil 666 astronaut ancient occult hell gateway nephilim bizarre open your mind wake up Egypt Egyptian believe HOPE


  1. joefriendly

    How about the uploader writing out a clear description of the video instead of repeating all the tags? The description is not part of the search process.

  2. zugzugohio

    If we make it past the Mayan calender LOL I give us 5yrs before we are fighting over bread crumbs in the streets. Martial law, civil unrest all part of the NWO agenda.

    How much money and control is enough Rockefeller? Bilderberg, AIG, SUEZ??? Blue Gold “Water” is going to be the new oil. Watch and see! The Bushs bought an aqua-fir in Paraguay in preparation. Buy your ammo and guns now. stock pile water beans and rice and move toa cave LOL.  It’s really not funny. It is true!!!

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