1. foulplayz

    If you look hard enough you can connect anything with anything else. The upside down pyramid witch is suppose to be connected to some pagen female symbol is always a mathematical symbol for being able to simplify something complex on that note use occam’s razor and try and see the good in things. Most people who aspire to do great things do so because the believe they can change things for the better and those who do it for the wrong reasons usually don’t get to far anyway. Do not fear them.


    We are a battery for the goverment, for society, we buy things that we believe we need, they need our money, we are slaves of adictions. We think the matrix is real,we think this world is the reality, but there is not spoon, it is just an illusion. We are slaves of the goverment, of society, of rules, of our adictions, We need to be free. We don’t need to be rich to be happy. We are slaves of our own vanity. A spirit is free. Free your mind. In my opinion, love, friendship is what realy matters

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