The Lost Book of Nostradamus – Paranormal Documentary

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The Lost Book of Nostradamus - Paranormal Documentary Documentary on the Lost Book of Nostradamus and his secret prophecies and predictions for the world.


  1. pete strouse

    Nostradamus had nothing to to with 911 lol it IS all coincidence ,
    did Nostradamus predict there would be a demolition ? no he didn’t
    did Nostradamus predict people would gain money from insurance from 911 no
    he didn’t. you dorks there is no mystery no magical powers , no riddles ,
    none of that crap. it’s just all clever planning that’s all. you folks need
    to stop believing in fairy tales and move on with your life. there are and
    will never be magical crystal skulls to save us from the hoax of 2012 and
    there certainly is no connection with Nostradamus “predicting” 911 or any
    other event in history or present or future lol….. sell books much ? keep
    writing them they will keep profiting from you and your ignorance… In the
    words of Fred G Sanford. YOU BIG DUMMY………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. ljkcri

    Horrendus future,just look at the melting of the polarcaps,than we all get
    to be nostrodamus,because sea levels will rise and climate change is
    And when disaster will strike there will be people who gonna profit from

  3. Andrewsarchus Aplegarth

    Is it possible that this book is a fraudulent copy of which the original
    was never released from the Vatican!

  4. ljkcri

    Even the new book doesn’t lift obscurity,I’ve studied the quatrains
    extensively and for me there are many interpretations possible,even the
    timeline which people present are open to interpretation.
    There are 50 quatrains missing those quatrains should contain a code which
    explained the other ones.
    His anagrams of events and jumbling up all the quatrains leaves so many
    interpretations,he predict that his descendant will reveal the code when
    the time is due,so we just have to wait

  5. Scott Zimmerman

    From the very beginning this vid attempts to send you in the wrong
    direction, so I quit watching it almost as soon as I started watching it.
    “Under the false guise of faith of the shaved heads many saboteurs shall be
    sown. Watering the wells and fountains with poison, human devourers of the
    strength of the West.”
    “Under the false guise of faith” refers to the American, or Western
    “Christianity” of MANY years running that G W Bush, who proclaimed himself
    a born-again Christian, his administration, and every “Christian” American
    who supported and supports the Bush “War On Terror” most recently
    exemplifies. Jesus Christ was and is in 100% opposition to war for ANY
    reason while the aforementioned were and are 100% in favor of war for EVERY
    reason, and who were also publicly spewing out their false faith propaganda
    every chance they got while executing their false harvest.
    The “shaved heads” refers to the American military and all those blind
    patriots who have made the shaving their heads bald such a popular and
    “manly” fashion statement and practice in these United States.
    “Sabateurs” refers to the greedy Americans who set up and executed not only
    the United States’ near economic collapse, but the taking down of the World
    Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001. Sabotage = inside job, and they
    sabotaged the world populace personally, world economies, industries,
    natural resources, and the environment.
    “Watering the wells and fountains with poison” refers not only to the false
    claims and information they fed our media and demanded that they quench our
    thirst for true information with, but also the aforementioned world wide
    “Human devourers of the strength of the West” is an all-encompassing
    closing statement that refers to the American, or West’s consumer
    capitalism greed and near corporate destruction of our major banking
    institutions, stock market, largest automobile manufacturers, the
    outsourcing of jobs, the all-around destruction and wasting of nearly all
    of our natural resources, the environment, etc.
    America/”the West” is both imperialist and capitalist, and these do not a
    TRUE Christian make, but a FALSE Christian who worships and supports their
    own self created FALSE gods.
    The Beast is consumer capitalism, and it consumes for no other reason than
    for the sake of consumption. When it can’t consume enough to satisfy it’s
    appetite it will consume itself because that is ALL that it knows and ALL
    that it does.
    For at least the last ten years we’ve all had a front row seat to the
    Beast’s arrogantly ignorant consumptive spectacle. Were you paying
    attention? Did you not see how it was already consuming itself?
    Those who fear and hate words such as “Socialist”, “Muslim”, or “Religion”
    are the very same whose love of the Beast has and will continue allowing
    the Beast to consume them.
    As a very wise man once said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what
    they do.”

  6. sweetpeas

    Let put it this way you can over turn Nostradamus books . Prayer is a
    Powerful Prayer you can over turn everything by praying for Peace in the
    world you have to believe.

  7. Mike Dab

    these guys will go to great lengths to take the public for fools. how the
    hell does a tower with flames coming out of windows signify 911 just goes
    to show people will believe anything and if there isn’t anything ridiculous
    to believe in they will make some bullshit up

  8. A Linder

    Uneducated barbarians !
    Touching a 500 yr bok without gloves…
    And it´s not only Italy, i´ve seen this in England and france too !
    Signs off a BAD historyculture…

  9. Sarah Yasue

    At 46:00 I believe that the cross represents the inter-dimensional
    intersection between this dimension (3rd dimension) and the higher
    dimension where the devil (or Stan) awaits to manifest himself to us in
    this reality when the Portals are open. In order to do this, “they” needed
    to create monuments and place them in exact locations of the Energy Points
    of this planet…

    Their reasons for doing so is to make this planet as DARK as possible by
    creating CERTAIN events INSIDE these monuments and open the Portals for
    Satan to come to this reality PHYSICALLY. And whatever happens or occurs in
    those monuments, they send out those energies to the domes or pyramids of
    the buildings to make this world DARK. Thus, if the events were to be
    positive and for good reasons, then this world would have been full of

    For the women in the picture. It may not be JUST women. I believe that it
    represents the PEOPLE (who knows the “truth”) turning their backs on the
    Pope due to the event of the coming Anti-Christ disguising himself as the
    coming Messiah who will do “miracles”…However, the ones who are following
    the Pope are the blinded, or the Unaware, receiving the Mark of the Beast
    (perhaps the micro chips?), truly believing that he was the coming Messiah
    and that he was doing real “miracles”…

    However, this is just a different perspective. The moment I saw that image,
    these things I just explained here on this message came to me almost as
    though I know what that particular image represents…Again, this is just a
    different perspective, so please don’t believe me completely. Check for

    It is in this video that explains it all, The Arrivals Complete Series. The
    link is too long to copy/paste, so you have to search it here on
    youtube…You must watch the whole 8 HOUR video though in order to
    understand what they are talking about…

  10. Albo King

    I watched throughout the Whole video, still I saw no Clear prophecy. You
    should read the Quran and see what it says about Pharaoh who drowned in the

  11. Documentary Magic

    December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of a change from patriarchal, back
    to our matriarchal roots, and because humans as a whole have successfully
    crossed the consciousness threshold, our future has altered from what
    Nostradamus saw 500 years ago.

    What’s to come will be somewhat terrifying for those who aren’t prepared,
    but the wonders that are to unfold in front of us will be magnificent &
    magical, and for at least the next few generations, no one will need
    question who we really are, and why we are here. All answers will be

    Many hold the belief of Christ’s return, but He will not return in the
    flesh as has been mistranslated. Our planet will participate in Christ
    Consciousness, the raising of it’s frequency, and all who are ready will be
    changed forever. Evils, as well as the slavery and controls of the past,
    will not be allowed to survive in this new reality, nor will they be able
    to do so.

    I can feel this higher frequency coming in already, and it is an amazing
    transformation to joy and love. Has anyone else felt it? 

  12. Ryan Mellor Guitarist

    I didn’t realise there were so many experts on YouTube comment sections.
    You guys are way more informative than the film. I am so glad that people
    don’t just write the first thing that comes to there head without looking
    into subjects or thinking at all as that would be stupid.

  13. maverickthebastard

    I saw two dogs shagging today, hang on, that must mean we are going to
    starve to death, COMPLETE BOLLOCKS!!!

  14. starquant

    oh heck this is a load of crap.. you can read anything into those pictures
    you want to… I’ll draw a picture of me taking a dump and let them
    decipher it 500 years from now…. they’ll probably say it was the tidal
    wave that hit Japan..LOL.

  15. Terry Foster

    The biggest problem I have with Nostradamus’ predictions were, the fact
    that he thought WW3 would occur in the late 1980s or early 1990s and then
    the Antichrist would take over at that time with one world government. The
    time for that occurrance is much more prevalent now in 2014 with Israel
    and Iran at each others throats. With the Pope going to Israel in May, this
    could be the opportune time.

  16. Julian Hastings

    looks like were infor a rocky old time then!! best I START USING THE OTHER

  17. sisra delmar

    the thing that gets me all time is that every time some thing that is
    notorious they say is right there in Nostradamus prediction and always
    justifying the crap in his readings are not very descriptive because he as
    hiding from the church so is all horse shit but like they say there is not
    worst blind than the one who don’t want to see thank you.

  18. oscar modiba

    ppl look closely the pope is not riding the dragon he is the dragon. what
    dose that tell you? 

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