The Khazarian Conspiracy Part 1 of 12

ScriptureOnly asked:

So you've been looking at the illuminati and hearing about the rothchilds, freemasons, etc, etc.. How far down the rabbit hole will you go?


  1. salahuddin786

    Zionists should have a homeland – in Khazaria. No issue.

    Palestine is the rightful homeland of the ancient Phillistines. No ifs no buts. Come what may

  2. salahuddin786

    Sephardic Jews arwe the true Jews.
    Khazars are nothing but MASQUEARDING JEWS.
    Khazras are nothing but the Nights Templars MASQUERADUNG as Christians
    Both of these Groups are Khazars - Zionists/ Freemasons/Illuminati/Rothchilds

  3. theyarelying2u

    Study the real history, “they try to banish”…and where ever you see the Rothschild Family you see death & destruction…all carried out by “others” on their behalf & with their financial backing….The sooner they are all stripped of the illegally gotten wealth & jailed the better. Then we can have an honest world not run by Fear, Slavery, War & genocide. They hide behind the Jewish people whom, they “PAID HITLER” to annihilate in WWII.

  4. childrenofnoah

    @AdoublesLdouble While some would say it is wrong to hate the reality is from the bible is that we are to love good and hate evil. The acts of some of the individuals portrayed in this film cannot be viewed as anything else. Remember also it is the forces behind these men that are the real concern.

  5. AdoublesLdouble

    I hate Zionist “Jews” I say Jews in quotes, because Zionists aren’t real Jews

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