The Essential Story of Aaron McCollum : Chapter 02 What Is A Super-soldier part1

whoslucidwhatnow asked:

This from a DVD I produced with Aaron McCollum that acts as a sort of table of contents to the information Aaron shares. For those of you not familiar with Aaron: He is a whistle blower on some of the absolute most sci-fi-movie-like happenings that go on in secret parts of world government. What he has to say will offend some, shock others, leave some in disbelief, and give hope to the rest. For more info on Aaron head to project camelot's page to see two other interviews he has given :


  1. swat2691

    NWO ain’t gonna happen, relax. Earth won’t allow it, look up project camelot with George over raido. Good information, trust him.

  2. msmiamillion

    Do you know anything about a black op abduction being committed against a churche/patriotic pastor,specifically in Glendale California,that included a take over of a multi dollar ministry, Have you heard of cloning being done to replace those in opposition to the NWO?

  3. Darius

    Lol… gotta watch those ‘multi dollar’ ministries. Soon they gonna start breaking into piggie-banks????

    /stare /drool

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