The Blitz Witch – The Unexplained (Paranormal Documentary)

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The Blitz Witch - The Unexplained (Paranormal Documentary) Tony Robinson and science journalist Becky McCall step into the unknown to investigate whether pas...


  1. FactVsReligion

    usually Tony Robinson does good programs or at least funny, but this is
    just stupid and dull.

  2. Mike Bye

    You have to watch this, if you haven’t already seen it. I really can’t see
    how this Lady could possibly have faked this. 

  3. bedstuy rover

    i’m extremely skeptical of this sort of thing,but if she wasn’t capable how
    did she know about the Hood before the admiralty?

  4. pammyoneto

    When he was having his reading I could also relate to some of the things
    said. A close Family has a Birthday on Aug 16 and another tall person I
    knew and was related to died of a heart attack.

  5. jasmine elaya

    talking to the dead, and cold reading are not the only two explanations,
    you also have collective genetic memory and hypnosis. What that lady did
    was perhaps combine collective genetic memory and mass hypnosis to amazing
    effect, what the gentleman at 11 minutes into this video is doing is just
    cold calling.

  6. «-·'¯'·.Ðꧧï©å‡êÐ ©ø®þ§ê.·'¯'·-»

    People getting deceived by cold readers is the most hilarious thing…

  7. john jones

    She could well be a doomsayer, to make a fortune for telling of losses
    ships during the second world war over the reality she was a spy for the
    Russians or Germans who used her intel for her own means. That would
    explain the charge for being a spy and changed to witchcraft.

  8. tamsinthai

    Oh God who is that bimbo with Baldrick? And really, that pseudo sceptic
    French, parted from his equally preposterous twin Blackmore on this
    occasion I see.

    If anyone’s interested in serious discourse on Helen Duncan, go to Michael
    Tymn’s blog at White Crow Books.

  9. krister studsgaard

    it’s too easy to say you are sceptic. he was to exited with old lady, but
    was skeptical when he spoke to the media. so you can’t count on him, but
    the woman was down to earth and a realist she’s more realible

  10. Michael Thomas

    The New World Order Elitist where scared to death of her because they
    feared her revealing their crimes or victims.

  11. Christine Truncale

    Demons give mediums/psychics the information about people and their loved
    ones and whatever else.They will look like your loved ones but it’s not
    really them,the demons can produce anyone to you…

  12. Debbie Hardesty

    A lot of true witches still don’t want anyone to know who they are and what
    they do. Ones who are making money or fame or so cleaver its hard to know
    they are fakes. Witches or spirituality are among us, and still people do
    not understand what they really are, not evil, no devil worship. (Christian
    and Catholics invented the devil to make villagers follow their faith, to
    scare them 1600’s.) Many don’t know that the so called witch wasn’t that
    at all. Do your research, look deep and many will learn things that will
    make you sick over what was done. Mostly by Christians and Catholics to
    gain power. 


    Im not trying to make you believe, Im only going on my point of view and
    giving my opinion. To me what i saw couldnt be faked in a tiny room with
    only a home spiritual circle there and no money exchanged. It was great
    entertainment if i am proven wrong but i believe there is no way you could
    see and be touched by people who manifest from the mediums body with all
    doors and windows taped up and working under a red light. These spirits
    didnt just apear, they interacted with us.

  14. Dawnswebdesigns

    She didn’t predict anything & prevent it from happening. AFTER a Navy ship
    went down & the victims families were notified she claimed a dead sailor
    told her the ship went down. The only reason their Gov’t became interested
    in her was because they hadn’t publicly announced it yet. They
    jailed/tried her under the Witchcraft Act because they didn’t have a
    Psychic Con-artist Act. 

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