The Alex Jones Show:ISI’s Hamid Gul”Mumbai an Inside Job”1/3

TheAlexJonesChannel asked: Prison Planet editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson makes a short appearance on former ISI head Hamid Gul's accusation that the Mumbai attack was an inside job


  1. attractivue

    @saTanTwin Pakistan has nukes too you curry munching fuck! Pak will nuke your black Indian ass!

  2. attractivue

    @saTanTwin Because your a fucked up Afghan Taliban who is accusing me to be an Indian! I am not a fucking Indian.

    Go back to your shit hole Afghanistan!

  3. saTanTwin

    @attractivue I never called u randi but you know who u r :) molestic peculiar thoughts lol

  4. attractivue

    @saTanTwin Oh get fucked you asshole.

    Any Pakistani who has a realistic secular thought, you call him randian.

    Two words for your Talibanised thought, “GET FUCKED”!

  5. saTanTwin

    @attractivue kion tumhare gay-hind main yakeen karane ke lie maa bhen aik akrte hian. kus chodi kee!

  6. attractivue

    @Indianlogic dude, Im a Proud Pakistani, and I agree with you, it wasn’t an inside job. Unfortunately, there are conspiracy theorists everywhere but it seems Pakistan has a lil bit more conspiracy theorists.

    Although, Im embarassed that a Pakistani did it, but what I can’t understand the bias not only in Indian media but in general Indian public as well!

  7. Indianlogic

    What if I PROVE Pakistani MUSLIMS also wear sacred RED THREAD… these guys and Zaid Hamid claim Mumbai 26/11 terrorist were Hindu bcoz this thread was seen on their wrist

    I have seen many Pakis with that thread… some say its from Muslim Mazars

    Photo of Shoaib Akhtar….. famous Pakistani Cricketer wearing SAME RED THREAD that is called KALAVA in India….

    Phtoto PROOF:
    cricinfo dotcom/pakistan/content/image/265807. html

  8. xshade20

    U go on abusing our religion and country so dont u expect us to retaliate?


    Load shadding over? lights came up after 15 hours?

  9. PakistaniisPower

    hindus; remember -The Mumbai Attacks-?10 young, averagely equipped, 20 year old hindu controlled Paki kids held off your Indian army, your police force, & your commandos for freaking 60 hours by themselves. hahahaha 10 gunmen fucked up Mumbai.

  10. PakistaniisPower

    Indickian is a failed state filled with ppl who drinks cow piss and live in and role in shit. Indians are pussies and are afraid of pakistan thats why they need 3 countries America, Russia, Israel to help them against Pakistan during those wars. it was 90,000 vs over 200,000 aswell so we had no choice. Indicks = pussies

  11. PakistaniisPower

    Only Indians loves warmongering and hatemongering. My Pakistani friends talks about education and enjoying life not war. So yep, that just proofs that Indicks are thugs, and punks of the world.

  12. PakistaniisPower

    Sickdians are treuly pathetic. Indians brags about their cuntry and insult others’ but they never realise their own cuntry is a shithole. Never face the fact that their cuntry has disgusting nasty problems. Pathetic Dirt-hinds!

  13. TruthLogic

    okay were is the proff that USA installed the current Iran regime?

    Apart from Alex Saying so were is the proff

    u idiot

  14. bvindh

    dude!!..dude!!..slow down now……do you understand your own posts? i bet not….
    its OK if you want criticize India…..but first collect your thoughts and organize them properly and then post them!
    take care…..

  15. prateikiscool

    abe metrocool bhadve ki nasal,india with 110 crore population can easily crush pakistan (with only 16 crore hijras )par ham hijron pe haath nahin utha te.par zaroorat padne par unki gaand maar sakte hai bhool gaya 1971,jab sirf 120 jawans had killed some 2500 pak soldiers,

  16. prateikiscool

    abe rafay taliban toh vaise hi tumhare nani dadi ko chod raha hai swat mein .teri maa ka bhosda chodu bhadve ki nasal.

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