Subliminal Chemtrails Everywhere – Be Aware But Keep Love In Your Heart

PrognatusSeptem asked:

Excerpts from "Don't Talk About The Weather". If you haven't yet...please watch the a fore mentioned documentary, DTATW. It's available for download at isohuntdotcom , posted by copyright holder for legal download. Take care and keep waking up :-) Oh yeah one more thing! If you still believe there is no such thing as a chemtrail..please ask yourself one question. Why spend all the money to advertise these trails then? The Christ is coming quickly!!!


  1. orange70383

    all of our local news stations on tv have there whisps on a blue background. It looks just like a chemmed out sky. This is infiltrated on so many levels.

  2. orange70383

    it’s hard to understand how the total truth about these trails are not now common knowledge given the vast number of people everywhere that work with them everyday, in ads in design and ideas. it’s a mammouth deal.

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