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Secrets of the Playing Card - Occult Documentary Playing cards are an everyday object used for gambling and game playing the world over. But the familiar dec...


  1. Amy Chevis

    the Devil doesn’t live DIRECTLY in regular playing cards, he lives in the
    flesh world…..but being that playing cards are of the flesh world, it
    makes it possible for Satan to put HIS hands in the readings…..a REAL
    gifted person doesn’t need cards, if you are truly GIFTED BY GOD, you can
    tell someone what they need to know WITHOUT cards….and u WILL NOT charge

  2. Acts2and38man

    Concerning the python spirit or as they call themselves psychics, they are
    failed instruments, as they serve Satan directly or indirectly. God has
    given true Christians, see Galatians 3:27, the ability to perceive the
    present and future through the word of God, the gifts of spirit or by the
    leading of God. Paul was followed about by a woman who was possessed by an
    evil spirit, and she knew the future, even as Paul did, yet he had the
    power to cast that spirit out. The devils believe in the one and not triune
    God and tremble. They are wiser than many supposed Christians. But God
    gives gifts and not all gifts are abused by the receiver, as they naturally
    use them for God’s glory, so we use wisdom before discerning and calling
    the gift source. God bless you all in Jesus name.

  3. Reddy Blur

    So Satan lives in playing cards, I thought he would live in the minds of
    paedophiles and rapists. 

  4. Acts2and38man

    God is greater than all the tools of the enemy. Jesus gave power over the
    devil to his friends; we are his friends if we do those things that please
    him. So whether cards hold some connection to the occult or not, is not as
    important as the perception that people have of them. For those who
    perceive a regular deck of cards as evil, we must not allow ourselves to be
    evil spoken of or seen as indulgent. However, all things that we do or
    don’t must be done with a heart of love and compassion. It is similar to
    the meat controversy in the bible. Paul wrote that the stronger must not
    let the weaker in the faith perish, but rather try to keep away from meat
    that would interfere with the faith of those who held to a weaker position
    concerning its use. I think the same principle applies here. Peace.

  5. waldfrauke

    I am sorry, but: do the cards have powers? No, they don’t. They are a tool
    used to see into the quality of time. the tool you use to see the quantity
    of time is a watch. does a watch make the time? no. does a watch have
    power? only, if you give it to her, by for example only eating if the watch
    says: 12.00 o’clock and not listening to your stomach. the cards show you
    the quality of time, that what is at the moment. what you do with that info
    is up to you, and the future is never fixed.

  6. Louise Hampton

    this is interesting to know. had NO IDEA before. tx for posting. but, where
    do u suppose they got their info to put it on the “H” channel?

  7. Metalwoman420

    Aleister Crowley described the Tarot deck as ” God’s picture book ” Many
    people have found to have bad luck in possessing them and often throw them
    in water or bury them. If you can read them right they are pretty accurate.
    You can even use a regular card deck for divination if you understand the
    significance of each card. Do they have powers? I would have to say yes. Is
    it for everyone? I have to say no. Playing with unknown powers is dangerous.

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