Scientology, the CIA & MK ULTRA (Illuminati Mind Control)

Narsimhadev020 asked:

L Ron Hubbard, a one time member of Aleister Crowely's Masonic OTO, is the founder of the Church of Scientology an insidious mind control cult with links to ...


  1. Lewis Ray

    Maybe if a few of these guy took 3 to the chest to save these children, they’d think 10 times about thinking about it ever again. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lewis Ray

    Yes. They hate the light and hate the truth that exposes them, tell it always. May God, the one and only, be with you.
    BTW, star wars is indoctrination into witchcraft by teaching you to give up your soul in exchange for becoming an energy vampire. When luke meets yoda, the first thing yoda does is take his “light” or “I will help you not” he say’s. yoda is a demon and jedi are vampires.

  3. yod sun

    To all American: Be aware of Dr. Sanjay Ramrakhiani. He is working for Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Camino Medical Center in Mountain View, CA. This Dr. does Endoscopy procedure, and while his patients under anesthesia he let FBI criminal thugs implant microchips in their body. He cooperates with the FBI in their crimes against American citizens. FBIs criminal thugs, uses electronic weapons to radiate targeted individuals, the radiation waves connect to the microchips.

  4. Ralph Rosporski

    you know if we knew some of this stuff about bush before he became pres. im sure he wouldnt be president,seems we find out about this stuff after wards

  5. BJ George

    dude below me u were on an eminem video about him potentially bein a clone and you were dissing the shit out of the poster i see u have an open mind please join the fight to spread ftruth not debate those who are exposing this stuff.

  6. Steve Harvey

    Thanks for connecting the dots in this presentation. NOTE: France today has declared scientology a criminal organization. There is movement all around the world. But the children are under attack everywhere. And we need to take the CIA down. Take the CIA/DHS/JTTF down. Take down the banksters and monetarists. Take down the tools and puppets in governments. For humanity’s sake we must defend the children.

  7. SuperRr36

    What do you base your ideas on? Have you read the Old and New Testaments in context, and then made your evaluations? I would be curious to hear where you’re getting your ideas, especially about the Bible.

  8. JesusLovesGoTooHim


    Ask Jesus Christ into your heart NOW!

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for sending Jesus to die for me and to pay the price for my sins. I believe Jesus Christ died on the Cross and was raised from the dead to redeem me from sin. Jesus, I ask You now to become my Lord and Savior, amen!

  9. officialmer

    Miviludes=WTF?!……50:42 Church of Scientology cross ends do look like a penis…..and there’s all those stories of abuse and people who aren’t celebrities who try to leave Scientology- they end up dead.

  10. Orgotheonemancult

    It’s called psychotherapy, and sorry to break it to you, but it has nothing to do with space vampires from Planet X.

  11. masternumber22

    Thank you. Someone else that can see the links. The Bible (old testament) is a story of the half human half Reptilian races belief systems and its evolution. It has nothing to do with the story of the human spiritual evolution. The true God is not vengeful, vindictive, not a dictator nor does he interfere with the day-to-day lives of humans directly. All entities choose to come to the light by themselves and can never be ‘fallen’ or ‘lost’. Only the Bible promotes the idea we are born flawed.

  12. masternumber22

    Don’t blame humans for this evil. These negative entities that carry out these unimaginable deeds are only part human. They are the bastard child of an off planet species. They are more proud of that heritage and the fact that they are NOT fully human and see nothing wrong with this behaviour . They believe the strong rule the weak and if you don’t like something about it. They are incapable of higher thought, compassion etc. They are trapped in 3D and can not evolve beyond it.

  13. Solar Wind

    Made in my image dumned uncreative morons. . Need a copy . . Perverse basl cult is as creative as a puss bucket. . You got to choices. . In your so called creations. . Get out of my face or go live in chinas hole

  14. masternumber22

    Which is why you now have a Muslim invasion and assault on your citizens and in particular your women!

  15. David Keller

    Absolute BS. The Church of Sci may be devious and odd – but the processes in Sci. are amazing!

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