1. 50goldstrat101

    Hello MH,
    From what I keep getting when I listen to Prince talk, ( I am a huge fan by the way) is that he has been ripped off heavily by pirates in the music industry and the internet. He feels, that his talents should be paid for, in the purchase of his music, not the theft. I agree. People will say, ahhh he is rich, who cares. If a person has the talent that Prince has, then you can get paid too. Downloading music is illegal and immoral. That’s what he hates. As I see it anyway. :)


  2. 50goldstrat101

    Indeed I am in fact. I just call it as I see it. There is no reason to even debate this as you can see it for yourself,

    God Bless you,


  3. Roy Marin

    is not a conspiracy when the only one that doesnt know if its true or not is you sir . im pretty sure dick and prince know .. thats why they talk about it

  4. Janelle Speaks

    but….none of us would be here if it werent for sex, i dont see the problem.

  5. Victorythruattrition

    Prince thinks he is so cool! lol! he is so yesterday. Hang um up and call it a career.

  6. NicoleH73

    Prince hasn’t written a sexual song is ages. His older stuff? yes. But his current work is completely different.

  7. musikfanat

    The only thing I have against Prince is that he does so much sex in his songs, yet he’s supposed to be so religious. Less sex, more preachment!!!

  8. Awakenings2014

    Russia has a cold winter every year, and every year it’s in the news. People just have a short memory, probably always been that way!!!

  9. Awakenings2014

    I studied about weather systems and I can tell u that it seems unlikely that there was a balance correction. We didn’t have such a thorough winter, just february was cold and that in contrast 2 the predictions. U just have the El niño and La niña effect, u can read about that. I guess that if the wind comes from the north in The US u have a cold winter, they might b able 2 change rain, not the direction of the wind, I’m sorry!

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