OSMAN pt.2 (You are the Bait)

TheDrfreemason asked:

fixed the end part.re-uploaded YOUTUBE BLOCKED THIS VIDEO 10 TIMES! This Series Explores the Tragic Events since 9-11. The stepping stones are in place for the New World Order and why Islam is always targeted. This series will explain it all.


  1. alotus9

    Was Kennedy throwing up before he got shot?? It looks like it..first time I see this…omg..

  2. ocf1fan1

    @PiMagh Because I think that was the only way the “Dr. Freemason” guy could have this video on YouTube without the people who run YouTube removing this video. They usually either censor, mute or remove the videos that have very truthful & factual info like these, unfortunately.

  3. WulfBand

    911, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor & many more events have been intentionally imposed on the US by our own Govt.
    My research shows that it has been the Jews who now run the US Govt who have been behind all of these events. They infiltrated and run FreeMasonry, the CFR & more.
    They have been using the US to do their dirty work and the people need to know that in the event they should, God Forbid, kill off the Muslim race, they are coming for every other race globally after that, any non Jew.

  4. aboalwi

    I suggest “Illuminati and Dajjal” series, especially the 9/11 parts.. do you believe there were no real planes involved?! Check it out yourself.
    Thanks for the video it’s just great! please keep it up and don’t stop.

  5. LodiBryan

    Since all presidents except 1 are related to John “Lackland” Plantagenet (King of England 1166) We should already know who the next US president is going to be

    Dr. F, please for your viewers find out which candidates r also related to this King &put a video out with this knowledge predicting who will be the next US President

    Romney,Santorum,Ron Paul,Gingrich,R Perry,M Bachmann,Huntsman,H. Cain,B Roemer- Gingrich is, u would think Ron Paul isn’t, since he’s being demonized.
    God bless you! 

  6. oscarmarin1995

    We are sheep and the elite are ravenous wolves. God’s will be done. Shalom

  7. Muskateering

    @WulfBand also allegedly. there were no Jews in the building on 9/11. I’m not anti-semitic, but it makes me sick to think that only Muslims are ‘terrorists’ and that Israeli’s are portrayed in the news as just innocent people. It really is a huge cover up between the Israeli and American government to fuck up our world to make things better for them. And now that it’s catching on, and more and more people are now aware, surprise surprise, they’re gonna try and introduce internet censorship!

  8. blackbone330

    10 TIMES THIS WAS BLOCKED!!!!! I swear every video i watched containing
    any info about the REAL reason we are at war, Youtube finds a way to either mute the video, or BANN it completely!! Well this series leaves my mind starving for more LOVED IT! I’m gonna try to upload them myself hopefully those who have also watched will do the same =)

  9. reharuko

    Our history has had a thousands of examples how government fools their people, just look back at Hitler, Soviet Union and so on. SO WHY PEOPLE ARE SO BLIND NOW? Keep up good work, I hope that more minds will be saved.

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